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John Postill and Leonard Chrysostomos Epafras

Muhammad?’ 10 This tweet was widely interpreted as a reference to a recent violent attack, reportedly by the fpi , on a Batak Christian Protestant Church ( hkbp ) congregation in West Java. The tweet sparked intense debate online among supporters of Fahira and the fpi . Fahira posed an open question

Saskia Schäfer

absorb both Hindu and Muslim elements, forming a culture of animist and folk traditions. Geertz based his categories on local usage of the term as well as on its usage by Protestant missionaries and colonial administrators (Ricklefs 2007). Scholars have criticized the categories for being insufficiently

Eva F. Nisa

. Cambridge : Polity Press . Cheong , Pauline Hope & Poon , Jessie P. H. ( 2009 ), ‘Weaving Webs of Faith: Examining Internet Use and Religious Communication among Chinese Protestant Transmigrants’ . Journal of International and Intercultural Communication , 2 ( 3 ), 189 - 207