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Acta Conventus Neo-Latini Monasteriensis

Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Congress of Neo-Latin Studies (Münster 2012)


Edited by Astrid Steiner-Weber and Karl A.E. Enenkel

Since 1971, the International Congress for Neo-Latin Studies has been organised every three years in various cities in Europe and North America. In August 2012, Münster in Germany was the venue of the fifteenth Neo-Latin conference, held by the International Association for Neo-Latin Studies. The proceedings of the Münster conference have been collected in this volume under the motto „ Litterae neolatinae, sedes et quasi domicilia rerum religiosarum et politicarum – Religion and Politics in Neo-Latin Literature”. Forty-five individual and five plenary papers spanning the period from the Renaissance to the present offer a variety of themes covering a range of genres such as history, literature, philology, art history, and religion. The contributions will be of relevance not only for scholarly readers, but also for an interested non-professional audience.

Kinzig, Wolfram

. at Berlin. L. studied Protestant theology and classical philology. His main teachers were the philologist and religious historian Hermann Usener and the New Testament scholar Eduard Grafe at Bonn, wher...

Kloft, Hans

German philosopher and social theoretician. Born Trier 5. 5. 1818, died London 14. 3. 1883. Publisher and theorist-in-chief of socialism, born into a Jewish immigrant family, baptized a Protestant in 1824. Humanist education at Trier Gymnasium from 1830; 1835 Latin Abitur essay on the Principate of

Mittag, Peter Franz

Swiss antiquarian and numismatist. Born Bern 9. 6. 1646, died Arnstadt (Thuringia) 10. 4. 1703. Trained at St. Gallen, Geneva and Bern; from 1680 conservator at the royal coin cabinet in Paris. Persecuted as a Protestant and fleeing France, he worked from 1694 as ‘court councillor’ (Hofrat) to

Grieshammer, Reinhard

German Egyptologist and historian of religion. Born Kurt Karl Siegfried M., Leipzig, 22. 11. 1914, died there 14. 1. 1970. 1934–1938 studied Protestant theology and Egyptology at Leipzig; doctorate 1941. 1941–1945 ‘student assistant for the duration of war’ (Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft auf

Schindler, Claudia

roi in Paris; 1601 sub-librarian of the Royal Library, 1605–1610 Garde de la librairie du roi, Paris. 1610 emigrated to England; English citizenship 1611. C.’ parents were Protestant Huguenot refugees fr...

Hartmann, Volker

Königsberg; 1590/91 prof. of history at Wittenberg, from 1592 at Heidelberg; from 1602 also electoral librarian there. The son of an Antwerp merchant temporarily living in England as a Protestant refugee, G...

Hintzen, Beate

Havekenthal, Valentin; German Neo-Latin poet and translator. Born 1567 in Wittstock/Ostpriegnitz, died 25. 5. 1595 in Neisse. Son of a Protestant pastor. Studied philosophy from c. 1584 in Rostock, from 1587 in Greifswald, where he probably also studied medicine; 1590–1593 study trip to Italy

Schnapp, Alain

Collège médical of Lyon. 1674–1676 travelled via Italy (Rome and Venice) to Greece and Constantinople. 1685 fled to Switzerland because of the persecution of Calvinist Protestants and the prospect of bei...