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Yiyang Zhuang

commercialization of labour force in the capitalist system and defy the unlimited exploitation implied in the Protestant ethics. Thus, instead of expecting self-fulfillment through work, they would rather choose manual labour which is easier to master to retain unassimilated from the capitalist production. However

Taiwan’s Religious Matrix and Charity

A Touch from Multiple Contracts Theory Framework

Han Junkui

In short, the premier was a vertical contractual relationship, a sola fide that freed the individual from the religious system. Further swayed by the Protestant Reformation of apostles of John Calvin, “the holism under clericalism was soon collapsed.” 7 The Thirty Years’ War, the deadliest European

Tong Zhihui ()

, and it enjoyed surging growth following the Reform and Opening. According to statistics from several years ago, there were 4 million Catholics in China, 10 million Protestants, 18 million Muslims, 7.5 million Tibetan Buddhists, and 2 million Southern (Indian) Buddhists. China counted 600 Daoist

Zheng Ruoting and Fan Fangchao

, Protestantism, or Islam, meanwhile, have remained inseparable from political power, setting norms for moral restraint. The power struggle between church and state undermines religions’ role as moral regulator, and some religions even became the source of conflict (for example, sectarian conflicts within Islam

Xie Hongbo and Sun Xia

Administration. Research focus: public administration. Capitalist spirit, fostered by the Protestant ethic, has been called by Max Weber the spiritual foundation of Western market economics. That spirit, which both encourages reasonable pursuit of wealth and reasonable limitation of consumption, promotes the

Yuxin Lan and Lingyi Zhou

. Because when we talk about charity and philanthropy now, we are talking with words translated from Western context. Culturally, the Western context is Christianity and Protestantism; scientifically, it is quantum physics, quantum material science, and theoretical physics. But for China, such a context is

David Horton Smith

churches; r=.57 for Protestant churches), foundations (r=.87), hospitals (r=.86), colleges (r=.80), libraries (r=.85), and museums (r=.67). All of this points to a general factor of organizational field development of which association prevalence is a part. Associations tend to cluster in municipalities

Ming Wang and Qiushi Liu

. In other words, a free, indepen- dent and sovereign character of public awareness and participation among its citizenry serves as the cornerstone of existence and development of civil soci- ety. Th e urban public sectors during the European bourgeois revolutionary period and the Protestants and free