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The first person from the Netherlands with a recorded interest in the Chinese language was a protestant missonary, Justus Heurnius (1587–1651/2), who compiled a trilingual Dutch-Latin-Mandarin glossary, Dictionarium Sinense, as early as 1628 (Duyvendak 1931; Kuiper 2005). The original and most

Gotelind MÜLLER

religious tensions between Jews, Catholic Poles, Orthodox Russians, and Protestant Germans. He identified problems of communication as a main cause of conflict and constructed Esperanto as the remedy wh...

Christine Lamarre

This paper gives a brief outline of the Hakka Bibles and other religious or educational books in Hakka held by the Basel Mission Library, translated, edited and published during the 19th century by protestant missionaries of the Basel Evangelical Missionary Society. These documents provide us with some very valuable material available for grammatical, phonological or lexical studies of the Hakka colloquial. They also tell us how a Chinese dialect happened to develop (for a limited period though) a written language in Latin script and then in Chinese characters.

Dan Dediu and Remco Knooihuizen

, roughly between the Protestant Reformation and the French Revolution, was a period of significant improvement in the social status of vernacular languages. Burke (2004), for example, sketches some of 2 R. Knooihuizen, D. Dediu / Language Dynamics and Change 2 (2012) 1–33 the social developments that

Evangelia Adamou, Walter Breu, Lenka Scholze and Rachel Xingjia Shen

Protestant and Catholic traditions from the sixteenth up until the middle of the nineteenth century. Since then, a widely unified norm has been used, based essentially on the Protestant tradition and strongly influenced by the work of grammarians and purists ( Faska, 1998 ). In the core region we face a

William Samarin

Linguistics. Vol. 7: Linguistics in Sub-Saharan Africa , 213-244. The Hague: Mouton. Samarin, William J. 1986a. Protestant missions and the history of Lingala. Journal of Religion in Africa 16.2:138-163. Convergence and the Retention of Marked Consonants in Sango… 237 Journal of language contact – THEMA 2

Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir, Höskuldur Thráinsson and Iris Edda Nowenstein

’ relatively quickly, this is not true for all. Icelanders were one of the first immigrant groups to arrive in Manitoba. They were protestant and Northern European much like the English and Scottish inhabitants already there, and they were not too many in number. This may have led to a comparatively welcoming

Joshua Bousquette

, the latter region is also characterized by Hessian and Bavarian speakers, in addition to the Protestant settlements of Kiel and New Holstein, WI ( Schlemper, 2006 ; Schmahl, 2006 ). In addition to these and other localized varieties, many speakers had knowledge of Standard German through German

Le français en Haïti, le français d’Haïti

Du Xviie Siècle à nos jours

Dominique Fattier

créole a été engagé dans un processus de standardisation (cf. entre autres Valdman, 2005 ). Le choix a été fait parmi les premiers producteurs de textes, issus des milieux religieux catholiques et protestants, bientôt rejoints par de célèbres écrivains, d’une norme fondée sur le créole des unilingues de

Bernard Spolsky

. When the first Jewish settlers came to Dutch New York, it was to a fully emancipated society that encouraged economic success and did not discriminate on the basis of religion. Jews could, like Protestants, establish their own places of worship but otherwise they were part of the general citizenry