Gordon Graham

company, or one institution, or, for that matter, one government. Most publish• ers are content to leave the problem to the World Bank or to foundations or to national agencies intent on spreading their cultures through litera• ture. Social audits of the charitable activities of large publishing

Alex Hoffman

h a t by auditing copying in a few care• fully selected sites w i t h i n a large c o r p o r a t i o n for only sixty days, we could project all of their copy• ing for a year w i t h surprising accuracy. We obtained agreement of authors and publishers t h a t this degree of accuracy was acceptable

Susan Lewis

offprints to CD-ROM and more. While the section on advertising is generally LOGOS 8(4)1st 31/10/06 8:38 pm Page 210 211 LOGOS 8/4 © WHURR PUBLISHERS 1997 good, there is no mention of certifi- cation by audit bureaux (ABC, BPA) in the discussion of con- trolled circulation. This is a neces- sity in the

Richard Abel

Cinematogiaphie ( C N C ) , aimed at strengthening the Fiench audio-visual sectoi - piincipally films foi movies and television. It was thought t h a t Fiench cultural ambitions were being oveiwhelmed by foi• eign mass media lacking "oiiginal Fiench expres• sion". T h e F i e n c h public sectoi audit agency