Patrick Dale

Auditing Commission. Gorbachev assembled a leadership team expeditiously but prudently. The older generation was treated with critical respect. While Grishin was subjected to the igrominy of listening to a blistering, semi-public attack on the fail- ures of ha leadership of Moscow's communists, Gromyko

Timothy W. Luke

rise, and production con- tinues to drop as the Yel'tsin regime improvises fiscal and monetary policies to get it through the next month or latest L\1F audit. While the Soviet way of life materially was less lavish than what has been available to many citizens of Western welfare states, the Brezhnevite

William A. Clark

to a hierarchy of eco- nomic-administrative central places of decreasing rank and successively small tributary areas, and that these centers are 'nested' so that centers of a higher order have within their tributary areas several centers of the next lower, and so - on. Each high order center serves

Gordon B. Smith

severely lacking. President Putin entered the picture in 1999 as Prime Minister and heir ap- parent determined to stabilize the economy and commercial relations. His early public addresses stressed the need to eliminate barriers to Russian eco- nomic growth and investment .26 Shortly after his election in

, both separately and conjointly. It includes sober and realistic appraisals of social, eco- nomic, political, and ecological challenges to stability and survival. Although some of these challenges are painted with broad strokes, the author shows a keen awareness of the different ways in which problems