Russell C. Powell

), mission trips (as chances to respond to local social disparities, especially regarding the unequal impacts of climate change on the poor), and Bible study (as occasions to explore biblical traditions with ecological resonance) provide a more holistic vision than simply auditing and retrofitting church

Martin O'Neill

level of eco- nomic inequality in society, thereby dealing with these social problems in a much more fundamental way. (At p. ix, Wilkinson and Pickett say that they had initially thought of calling their book ‘Evidence-based Politics’.) Such a radical, ‘evidence-based’ approach to social policy would

The Fabric of Faith-Based Environmentalism in Canada

Exploring the Strands of Ecological Worldviews

Joanne M. Moyer and Stephen Bede Scharper

and worldviews to lead the transition to a more sustainable world (e.g., Orr 2002; Scharper 1997; WCED  1987). In recent decades, many faith communities have worked to develop eco-theologies from within their traditions (e.g., Gottlieb 2006; Grim 2011; Santmire 1985) and scholars are tracking these