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Luis Jacob

the gallery’s windows facing the courtyard, it depicts the founders of Foksal playfully pressing themselves against the glass, addressing viewers outside of the gallery space. Their energies are aimed outwards. Like a selfie posted on social media, their portraits are constructed to grab our attention

Florencia Malbrán

’s painting, three vectors pierce a red canvas and meet in the centre of the composition, where they intertwine to create circles and knots. These are Sakai’s waves. His canvas pulses with energy. The circles attract the retina and seem to overlap with simplicity. Yet complexity underpins a precise system of

Grace Aneiza Ali

protect them from the violence and trauma that came with their new identities as migrants on foreign soil. These flags were also staked to honour the Hindu god Hanuman, a symbol of strength and energy, to mark the fields of Indian landowners, and to celebrate one’s Hindu heritage. Michael Lam, Victor

Tao Leigh Goffe

contours of East Asian and South Asian histories in the Caribbean. 15 In order to fully reckon with the metabolic, maternal, and nutritional logic of the sugar estates of the Americas, I propose the term sugarwork in relation to this subfield to conceptualize the concomitant cycles of labour, energy

Eleanor Ty

. However, the storekeeper’s understanding goes a long way toward her epiphany, the moment when she realizes that she “messed up,” not just by shoplifting but also in where she has been putting her energies in her life. Pictorially, the idea of mess is reinforced by when she arrives home, and has to sweep

Ellen C. Scott

own particular energy and aesthetic vision. I wonder if you could talk about the process of deciding on the story behind Breathless , and where it should depart from the narrative of Eric Garner that you based the film on. AC : When I arrived at San Francisco State University’s School of

Robert Diaz

where and how happiness takes place, and a powerful legislative device, a way of distributing time, energy, and resources.” 8 Investments in familial happiness require the performative reiteration of the nuclear family as the primary unit of wish fulfillment. The family becomes a site of

Midori Yoshimoto

and the energies of life. Nagasawa drew connections between the Japanese word habu and the English word hub , which could be interpreted as the centre of a wheel, or as the heart of a network or system. By choosing the title Earth Vortex, she wanted the earthwork to express the hidden force and

Nicholas Mirzoeff

hierarchies or “mythical-biological Darwinian” aspirations to the “fittest” that continue to support petrocratic rule. 16 Decolonial {r}evolution has good reason to be “illogical,” or more exactly anti-“logical,” where logic means the violent extraction of value and energy from sugar to oil, sanctified