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J.K. Elliott

same provenance and are now (or were) housed predominantly in specialised libraries in Switzerland and the Irish Republic, thanks to the energy of bibliophiles Martin Bodmer and Sir Chester Beatty. Robinson is in a unique position to tell the story of these manuscripts’ peregrinations, having been

J.K. Elliott

have been better entitled A Synopsis of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke in Greek , has been edited by two scholars who have invested much energy and enthusiasm into the distinctiveness of Codex Bezae Cantibrigiensis. (They were assisted by Enric Muñarch, named on the title page but airbrushed

J.K. Elliott

importance of the Armenian documents while researching texts for my Apocryphal New Testament but was only able then to make perfunctory reference to older editions. Now, thanks to Professor Calzolari’s tremendous energy and academic prowess, we have a landmark publication on the Armenian Acts of Paul in

J.K. Elliott

-workers for their prodigious energy and commitment in bringing this project to press. According to a footnote hidden on p. xxxvii, the compilers seem to have another project up their capacious sleeves—the preparation of a synoptic concordance to Luke. We thank them for their current publication and wish them

G.D. Kilpatrick

useful to many beside those working in the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae. Those who have contributed time and energy to the making of the Canon can only be thanked. The making of the Thesaurus has progressed. In the earlier stages we thought of books like Liddell and Scott. Instead we are now encouraged to

-references to biblical, extra-biblical and secular literature are re fl ected in the copious indexes. All this testi fi es to Wacker’s energy and scholarship. Armed as we now are with the ICC commen- tary on the Pastorals by Howard Marshall (see ‘Book Notes’, NovT 42 (2000) pp. 307-308) and this current

- gends lost, but what has survived is in the capable hands of these editors and their co-workers. 6.) Hardly a year goes by without a monograph by Émile Boismard on the composition of New Testament books. At one time he concentrated his energies on the synoptics, then the Fourth Gospel; now he works on

) conclude the book. Barabbas is misspelled on p. 189. Lührmann has expended much energy in the past to the Gospel of Peter so it is not unexpected that this gospel is treated with author- ity. In addition to the major fragment (P. Cair 10759), we have the text of P. Oxy 2949, published by Lührmann in 1981

J.W. Doeve

, difficulties existed to be overcome and he pursued his own course. In DE ZWAAN as a student one can already discern the traits which were later to characterize the man and professor. With an inconceivable energy he not only came to grips with his studies, but also with other things that fascinated him. This

Thurman among Modern Jesus Scholars

Howard Thurman’s Jesus and the Disinherited in Conversation with Jens Schröter and Dale Allison

Esau McCaulley

was given to her by a certain slave minister, who on occasion, held secret religious meetings with his fellow slaves. How everything in me quivered with the pulsing tremor of raw energy when, in her recital, she would come to the triumphant climax of the minister. “You–you are not niggers. You-you are