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Jonathan Vroom

1000 cubits … When this interpretation is viewed in the light of my criteria for identifying a binding attitude toward law, it is immediately noticeable that this interpreter is immensely bothered by the vagueness of the word ‘work.’ He spends a great deal of energy listing borderline cases, in which


Noam Mizrahi

use a modern metaphor, one might imagine the Temple as a giant electrical generating plant that powered the land of Israel. In its core was a nuclear reactor in which the radioactive rods emitted divine energy that was absorbed by the entire infrastructure of the building. 36 P’s detailed interest in

Hanna Vanonen

great amount of basic research on the texts found at Qumran, the archaeology of the area and the history and culture of the late Second Temple period. This makes it possible, on the one hand, for scholars to direct their energies more and more toward wider, integrating questions, and, on the other, for

Hannah Harrington

, , , on the other hand, is an active force which comes from God. 12 Holiness can be de Ž ned loosely as divine energy. At its core, ÒHoli- nessÓ is another way of saying God, and indeed the favorite rabbinic title for God is , , ÒHoliness, Blessed Be He.Ó 13 Qumran authors too use the word , the phrase

Ira Rabin

previous case (fig. 1), enhanced intensities of the elements Si, Ca, K, and Fe in the energy-dispersive X-ray spectra characterize deposits, since they practically disappear in the area of collagen. Also the ratio of the intensities of carbon and oxygen supports the identification of minerals in the first

Magen Broshi and Yoram Nir-El

correlate its composition with the condi- tion of the scroll. II. Analyses of Inscribed Papyri Three small papyrus fragments, inscribed with black ink, were analyzed by the Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) method." The fragments, discovered in cave 4 at Qumran, are ap- proximately 2 cm x 3 cm in

George W.E. Nickelsburg

Books of Enoch: Aramaic Fragments of Qumran Cave 4 (Oxford: Clarendon, 1976) 45-46. 234 model for the aforementioned New Testament texts. This tech- nique of brief summary also parallels similar elements in 4Q422: Erik Larson (4Q4 70 ) Erik Larson's paper demonstrates how much energy and ingenuity

Oliver Hahn, Gisela Weinberg, Ira Rabin, Timo Wolff and Admir Masic

similar to that of iron gall ink, invented only some centuries later. Experimental X-ray Fluorescence (XRF). Profi le scans were carried out with the mobile energy dispersive micro-X-ray spectrometer ArtTAX © (Bruker AXS Micro- analysis GmbH, formerly Röntec-GmbH, Berlin, Germany), which con- sists of an

Ma VICTORIA Spottorno

time and energies in a debate that, planned in such terms, was worthless ... As a papyrologist I consider pathetic their proposed alternatives. It seems that they wish to lead astray or to talk, just for the sake of talking, rather than to enlighten ... One can clearly see that in their 67 other

large body of Israeli scholars who devote time and energy to the study of the scrolls and these better express themselves in Hebrew than in any other medium. Secondly, these scholars teach a growing body of students whose primary language is Hebrew, and who, like all students the world over, struggle