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Sarah Pessin

important blend of scientific/conceptual and “mystical” methodologies in which he presents us with definitions and axioms alongside metaphors. For Mičaninová, there is no conflict between Ibn Gabirol’s conceptual and metaphorical approaches because, she argues, for Ibn Gabirol “[a] substance is an energy

combination of skills, energies, enthusiasms and sympathies required for the task is something few of us are capable of commanding. But the scope for productive scholarly activity is enormous, and nowhere more than in the fundamental work of editing, trans- lating and writing commentaries. It follows that

Alberto Bernabé and Julia Mendoza

initial moment, a force, tápas (‘heat’), 24 of whose origin nothing is told, activates an internal warmth that acts as the energy required for the unleashing of a creative process. It should be noticed that tápas is not the creator, but the energy which allows the process to take place. 3.2.7. The

T.M. Robinson

easy for the composite to be immortal, but it is not claimed that it is impossible. The synthesis of the soul's component elements in this life can never hope to be perfect; the best approximation will presumably be found in the soul of the philosopher of Republic IX who canalizes his energies into the

Martha C. Nussbaum

scholiast remarks that there are others who believe the sun to be the center; just as the anima, with its seat in the heart, diffuses energy throughout the limbs, so the heat proceeding from the sun gives life to all living things: cui sententiae Heraclitus adquiescens optimam similitudinem dat de aranea ad

Donald J. Zeyl

one to have heard him talk of Plato's "mad period." Owen did expend a great deal of his interpretative skill and energy on Plato's "canonical" theory of Forms, however something he would hardly have done if he had considered it unimportant. I have already commented on the first item of philosophical

Giuseppe Muscolino

Porphyry and Black Magic In ancient Persia the Zoroastrian priests’ knowledge included philosophy, religion, astronomy, mathematics, and they referred to it simply as maghavan , which means magic . The magician, thanks to his scholarship and his practices, not only knows the forces and energies


energy to writing about Xanthippe and philosophy; thirty years ago no one would have given the subject much (or indeed any) attention. We can see Xanthippe's importance somewhat more clearly now because of our own interest in women. I agree with Professor Saxonhouse that the role Xanthippe plays in Plato

Maud Chaplin

forgetting about being noble and spending one's energies figuring out what is to one's self-advantage. Once again, Aristotle here is being descriptive, not prescriptive: it is not his concern to evalu- ate the behavior of the old, simply to advise the orator that if he is to persuade the old, he should keep

Radek Chlup

have entirely di er- ent functions: ‘For soul is cause and principle of motion, but intelligence of order and consonance in motion.’ 6 Soul is a powerful source of energy and movement, but in itself this movement is entirely irregular and dis- orderly. Intelligence, on the other hand, is perfectly