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Isabelle Gaudy-Campbell

and four measures (the mean, the spread, the skew and the kurtosis) of the spectral energy are considered on a statistical level: they prove that fine phonetic variation is indexical of local ethnic identity. Claudia Rathore studies the phonological variation across generations in her research

Jesse Stewart

vocal folds which require more energy to set them in motion – a condition conducive to utterance-final devoicing since no subsequent energy-requiring elements exist. These details support sociolinguistic trends which show women to have a higher propensity towards devoicing than men. The fact however

Andrée Tabouret-Keller

’hypothèse économique : sur la représentation (image, signifiant ou autre) « viennent s’additionner des énergies qui se sont déplacées le long des différentes chaînes associatives. Si certaines images acquièrent une vivacité toute particulière, c’est dans la mesure où, produits de la condensation, elles se trouvent

Melanie Green and Gabriel Ozón

valency. The English intransitives that lend themselves to this kind of transfer are typically higher in transitivity—in the sense of Hopper and Thompson (1980)—(i.e. unergatives) than the ones that do not (i.e. unaccusatives). This is predictable on the basis that only verbs with ‘energy transfer

Osmer Balam

modifications were done to a few categories. For example, quantity (e.g. un poco ‘a little bit’, la mayoría ‘the majority’) was added to year and number. Abstract concepts included only canonical abstract nouns (e.g energy, life, awareness) whereas abstract time/space concepts were classified as time

Robert Nicolaï

referrals to other terms already defined in the ‘system’ no longer offered sufficient substance for the memory, the gain not being worth the outlay in energy, and the residue of terms remaining to be defined not being lessened (such is the case e.g. of the first term ‘description’ in the above quotation