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Ōnishi Katsuya (大西克也)

children, receive his instructions, and heed them with utmost care! Exert your energy in reading and chanting, doing so day and night without being excused. If you work to become a scribe, then you will tally records and govern. You will rise in the ranks and surpass the rest, differentiating yourself as

Guo Qiyong (郭齊勇)

Manuscripts website ( ), especially posts by Chen Wei 陳偉 and Chen Jian 陳劍. Building on the work of the editors of the original publication, these scholars invested a great deal of energy in adjusting the transcription and strip ordering, finally allowing these sources to be readable and usable

Edward L. Shaughnessy (夏含夷)

Scholars Chinese scholarship in general has always held reference works in high regard, and the fields of paleography and unearthed documents are certainly no exception to this. Chinese scholars have invested considerable time and energy in producing various dictionaries, concordances and bibliographies