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Author: Yongxian Luo

, impetus, momentum, tendency” c. 劲头 jìn-tóu (strength-head) “strength, energy, vigour, vitality” d. 派头 pài-tóu (style-head) “bearing, manner” (8a–d) show how abstract nouns are formed from concrete nouns with “head”. In (8a), wind is conceived of having a “head

In: Embodiment in Cross-Linguistic Studies

‘combustion’: both the engine of a car and the heating system of a house use fossil energy. Radden & Dirven , 2007:11 As we may see, one idea may belong to many domains. Domains may also connect different frames. If we take a closer look at the metaphor through this lens

In: Embodiment in Cross-Linguistic Studies