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Naveed Anjum Itoo

Living the Qur’an in our Times , New Delhi: sage Publications India Pvt Ltd, 2012. 213 pp., 650 ( inr ), isbn 978-8-132-11046-0 (hbk). Qur’anic hermeneutics is one of the ever developing and cherished traditions in Islam. Muslims devoted their intellectual energies to understand the very

Omar Nakib

conditioning and the adaptation of vital human energy is not to uproot it but to transform it into an efficient social energy that contributes positively towards the actualization of society’s cultural ideals; that is, to build civilization. 32 Hence, the role of religion as a regulative psychological force

Asmawati Muhamad, Abdul Halim Syihab and Meguellati Achour

universe and everything within it. According to him, belief in the Oneness of the Creator leads to the unification of all human energies to act under the command of this Originator. For him, this not only applies to the ritualistic aspects of worship but also extends to every feature of life, including