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Riyad A. Shahjahan

specifically, such discourses seduce our emotional dispositions, and move “to co-opt embodied energies towards a cruel-optimistic project of self-appreciation” (Ibid., p. 13). As such, Sellar and Zipin suggest discerning how policy discursively produce and draw upon our affective world to normalize these same

Marianna Betti

discipline of anthropology in the United States and its consequences and influences throughout the rest of the academic and public world. Laura Nader is a pioneer in at least three major areas of anthropological research: energy, feminist studies and the anthropology of law. She is a breakthrough

Nadia Breda

, “have led their nations’ turn to sustainable technologies such as biomass and biogas energy production” and considerable “green banking” was inspired by “anthroposophical banks such as gls in Germany and Triodos in the Netherlands.” 18 Education at the Rudolf Steiner College in California, the

Pam Nilan

found a professor who is an expert on garbage. I've been crazy happy’. Like Agung, Aziz was early moved to environmental awareness by a tangible negative experience, the polluting impact of dumped domestic waste. His community service project was to generate energy from recycled local solid waste. He

Laura Nader

believes that “academic scholarship is worthwhile only to the extent that it makes a significant difference beyond the academy. Seeking affirmation only from other academic peers is incestuous.” Downey is a mechanical engineer turned cultural anthropologist and a pioneer in energy related research. Most

Susan Wright

in each discipline were assessed and the departments ranked, and by 2000, it was clear that government would fund universities differentially according to their departmental rankings. Academics became bad citizens if they did not put all their time and energy into academic publishing (with only a