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Chris W.J. Roberts

Canadian investment in African mining and energy sectors since the 1990s, why did the Canadian military presence subsequently decline and not increase as materialist assumptions might suggest? This decline occurred even as the number and scale of UN operations in Africa increased, with Canada settling

Alicia C. Decker

Write Better African Military History Cynthia Enloe reminds us that curiosity takes energy. It is so much easier to accept something as “natural” or “traditional,” because it has “always” been that way. If we start thinking critically about why most generals are male, why most sexual violence is


Angus Dalrymple-Smith

/228. Midley “ A great number of the principle slave dealers in the Bonny river…have given all their energies to palm oil .” 4121 p. 233. 14 In the 1842 report, one merchant interview stated; “ I believe a great deal of it goes to America, but nearly so much as to England ” 2220 Dring, p. 113. It is possible