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Donald R. Ferrell

energy that constellates in the work of theory construction in which we fall in love with our theories as in Spinoza’s “the intellectual love of God” (Spinoza, 2005, p. 165 ff.). This love, though intellectual, generates passion in the theoretician that may drive a resistance to the experience of the

Leslie Gardner and Catriona Miller

Jungian psychology looks to originary stories as sources of contemporary energies. The Greco-Roman pantheon, its characters and narratives, has formed a particularly rich seam in Jungian work, though other ancient mythologies, such as the Norse, have also featured. Unfortunately, as is the way in

Terrie Waddell

curiosities. With the irrepressible energy of a trickster, she collapses a variety of popular and less documented aspects of the motif to offer readers a smorgasbord of theories and intertextual insights into how trickster plays in, on and between screen cultures. The book is a great companion piece to her

Nuala Flynn

The frontispiece of Guy Dargert’s enjoyable and illuminating book is an image of an ancient statue of Asklepios, the Greek god of healing, with his staff entwined with a snake. This book is under the aegis of this powerful, knowledgeable and benevolent healer and the cthonic transformative energy

John Beebe

Ernst Falzeder), and Energies and Patterns in Psychological Type: The Reservoir of Consciousness (Routledge, 2017). He teaches analytical psychology throughout the world. References Beebe , J. ( 2017a ). Energies and patterns in psychological type: The reservoir of consciousness . Abingdon

Ann Shearer

container for the resulting individual rage and anxiety. These days, she reckons, the organisational energy goes rather into containing the trainees who have become the main ‘product’, despite quite marked decline in demand for the services for which they are being trained. For her, the question in these

Tatsuhiro Nakajima

operable nuclear reactors in Japan (Nuclear Energy Institute, 2015 ). All of them have suspended operation after the earthquake. Japan is no longer a key market, so Japanese nuclear industries are planning to export technology and equipment to nations such as Turkey, Vietnam, Jordan, and Finland. Anti

Alexandra L. Fidyk

‘distracting settings and concentrates on their sculptural strength and expressive energy’ (Shadbolt, 1979 , p. 30) ( Figure 2 ). Until then, she imposes that of ‘other’ onto them – either a straightforward, carefully observed and rendered watercolour style (as with her work of 1908–1910) or the French

Kevin Lu

of libido within the psyche. Jung differentiates his concept of libido from that of Freud (Jung, 1928 , para. 54), and adopts what he terms an ‘energic standpoint’ (ibid, para. 41). He argues that development and change ‘appear as systems of energy capable of theoretically unlimited

Jim Kline

of the exhilarating energy aroused during his excursions, he gave in to the urge and continued his exhibitionistic behavior. The urge to walk naked and erect in the open dissipated over the years until the man reached middle age and was hired by a company to manage one of its retail outlets. The