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Oliver Keane

. There is no binate relation between animal and human via this perspective on being. Though being is opaque, energy necessarily sustains the being of humans and nonhuman animals. In psychoanalysis, this life energy, animating all life, is called lamella (Žižek, 2014). I argue that through genetic

Fatemeh Salari, Masoud Yazdanpanah, Jafar Yaghoubi and Masoumeh Forouzani

. , & Kazemi , N. ( 2017 ). Intention of agricultural professionals toward biofuels in Iran: Implications for energy security, society, and policy . Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews , 69 , 341 - 349 . Bamberg , S. , & Moser , G. , ( 2007 ). Twenty years after Hines, Hungerford, and Tomera

Beatrice Emma Thompson, Melanie Elyse Grace, Bridget Clare Foster, Claire Louise Harrison and Sonia Graham

of Practice and Standard Operating Procedures for controlling some invasive animal species were published (Department of Environment and Energy, 2016). There are also proposals for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (Bayvel et al., 2012) and an International Convention for the Protection of

Sara Asu Schroer

“to keep up good relations” with the imprinted birds, which requires considerable time and energy from the breeder. James emphasized, “breeding birds is a seven-days-a-week task … you have to be fully into it, otherwise you can’t provide what it takes.” When I visited James during the breeding season

On the Hunt

How Do People Experience the Hunting of Nonhuman Animals?

Joakim Norberg, Andreas Engström, Viktor Kjellén and Jan Carlsson

different forms of acknowledgement after killing the animal. The expectations before the hunt were closely related to preparing and planning for the hunt, and a lot of energy was put into maximizing the chances of succeeding. During the actual hunt, there was an ambition to outwit and kill the animal, so as

Jennifer Carter and Clark Scott Taylor

hadn’t tried other alternatives to surrender: I wasn’t sure whether he might bite my grandsons. He had a tendency to jump all the time and they [the grandsons] get scared quite easily…. He was full of energy. Companion animal characteristics were thought to be manageable by shelter staff, given

Anne Vallely

knowledge, perception, bliss, and energy. But the majority of life-forces remain trapped in the cycle of birth and death (called samsara ) and obstructed by karmic matter (a form of ajiva ). Karma for Jains is a material substance whose defining characteristic is the absence of consciousness. While

Lena K. Webster and James J. Ebersole

hunger and in which drought or disease can wipe out livestock wealth accumulated over many years. Given this rigorous life close to edge of survival, they may be less likely to put energy into activities and relationships that they perceive as less essential. We recognize that anthropologists have often

Komalsingh Rambaree and Stefan Sjöberg

, dogs need to exercise every six hours (Svenska Kennelklubben, 2013). Having companion animals therefore requires a lot of time, energy, commitment, responsibility and planning. Some respondents acknowledged that sometimes having a companion could be stressful. For instance, one of the respondents

Corey Lee Wrenn

, R. ( 1991 ). Gender, sex role orientation, and attitudes toward animals . Anthrozoös , 4 ( 3 ), 184 - 191 . Hill , R. , &. Davies , P. ( 2001 ). The validity of self-reported energy intake as determined using the doubly labelled water technique . British Journal of Nutrition , 85 ( 4