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Marco Siddi

Energy trade is an essential economic component of the relationship between the European Union ( eu ) and Russia. Russia is the eu ’s main external supplier of fossil fuels, providing approximately 30 percent of the Union’s oil and coal imports and over one third of its natural gas imports. 1

• Dates (inclusive): 1651-1917
• Dates (bulk): 1850-1917
• Languages used: Russian and French, also German and English, Chinese, Latin, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Italian, Greek, Persian, Korean, Mongolian and Norwegian
• EAD finding aids are available
Location of Originals: Rossiĭ skiĭ gosudarstvennyĭ voennoistoricheskiĭ arkhiv (RGVIA), Moscow. Fonds 444-451

The 19th century was a time of rapid Russian expansion in Asia. While its western borders were largely fixed in the wake of the Napoleonic Wars, the Romanov autocracy still found many outlets for its imperial energies in the East. Imperial Russia’s Asian march coincided with a revolution in intelligence. Gathering and analyzing such intelligence also became much more comprehensive, almost encyclopedic. It entailed not only the armed forces and the terrain of all potential adversaries, but also political, economic, ethnographic, and much other data.
The collection Archive series, 1651-1917 contains the following parts:
1. A threat from the Far East (China, Japan, Korea)
2. The Eastern question (Turkey, Palestine, Arabia & Syria)
3. The Great Game in Central Asia (Persia (Iran), Afghanistan)

J.B. Hannigan and C.H. McMillan

ARTICLES J. B. HANNIGAN and C. H. McMILLAN (Ottawa, Canada) The Soviet-Iranian Gas Agreements: Nexus of Energy Policies, East-West Relations, and Middle East Politics* The overthrow of the Shah in 1979 brought to a close a period in Soviet- Iranian relations which had seen the rapid development

Jonathan P. Stern

a g o o d s u p p l e m e n t t o t h e m a n d e x c e l l e n t r e a d i n g p r i o r t o class d i s c u s s i o n s . R o b e r t N. North University o f British Columbia Robert W. Campbell. Soviet Energy Technologies: Planning, Policy, Research and Devel- opment. Bloomington: Indiana

JamesT. Andrews

David Holloway. Stalin a n d the Bomb: The Soviet Union a n d Atomic Energy, 1939- 1956 New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1994. xvi, 464 pp. $30.00. David Holloway's book on the history of the Soviet atomic project is an epochal monograph on the Staiin era. Holloway h a s written an

Miron Wolnicki

. The T r a n s p o r t a t i o n o f Soviet E n e r g y Resources. Totowa, N J . : R o w m a n a n d Littlefield P u b l i s h e r s , 1986, xvii, 177 pp. $32.50. T h i s b o o k a n a l y z e s t h e t r a n s p o r t a t i o n of five forms of energy: gas, c r u d e p e t r o l e u m , r e f i n e d

Togzhan Kassenova

-owned company Kazatomprom has been gradually pursuing an advanced nuclear fuel cycle, including the capacity to produce nuclear fuel. Further, Kazakhstan is the only country in Central Asia that has made a firm commitment to developing nuclear energy. On the international scene, Kazakhstan’s nuclear diplomacy

Patrick O'Neil

threats; and the economic situation will be extremely difficult to resolve and depends on Moldova cut- ting its excessive reliance on Russia as a market for its products on the one hand, and as a source of energy on the other hand, thereby exerting its independence and overall evolution as a sovereign

Peter Gross

the one hand, and as a source of energy on the other hand, thereby exerting its independence and overall evolution as a sovereign, European nation. Well, some things have not changed, but new developments give the status quo a more ominous shape. Russian troops have not been withdrawn from the region

Josephine Woll

which Kusturica remains nostalgic. It makes him not a historian but a romantic, with predictably mixed consequences for his films. lordanova's book, written in a workmanlike rather than graceful prose, tackles the major aspects of Kusturica's work with energy and insight; and though no one knows what he