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Xenia Zeiler

about the goddess Kali was inserted in four releases: “Goddess Kali, who personifies Shakti or divine energy and considered the goddess of time and change, is widely worshipped in Hinduism.” (Zed 2, Zed 4, Zed 5, Zed 6). 3 According to Zed, Hindus urge the removal of such inappropriate image

Jessica Gall Myrick and Suzannah Evans Comfort

.A. ( 2015 , October 22). Religion and Views on Climate and Energy Issues . Retrieved from . Gecewicz C. ( 2017, January 18 ) U.S. Catholics, non-Catholics continue to view Pope Francis favorably

John Dyer

users tend to spend much of their cognitive energy and time scanning screens for user interface components and this scanning becomes so habitual that it influences what readers do when their eyes finally meet the desired text ( Liu, 2005 ; Mangen, 2008 ). Finally, based on his interviews with readers

Henk de Roest and Simon Hill

Practices . The first time that we met him, at Gladstone Library, he impressed us, not only by his knowledge and wisdom, but also by his wonderful sense of humour, his graciousness and genuine kindness and seemingly boundless energy. Later we noticed how he often gave a platform to young scholars. May our

Nigel Rooms

above, in pmc we introduce six corporate spiritual practices to diffuse through the life of the congregation over the long-term. At least three of these six practices, or corporate ‘holy habits’, are designed to enable a Christian community to deal creatively with the energy that good conflict can

Anastasia E. Somerville-Wong

poetry, has been read at feasts and festivals since ancient times. The project Imagining Alternatives: Feasts for the Future recently experimented with ways of integrating artistic and literary concepts into feasts for communities involved in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. It was

After Darwin

Morality in a Secular World

Jeff O’Connell and Michael Ruse

metaphorically, to show energy and guts and determination. Passivity is not a virtue. New Grub Street (1891) by George Gissing makes the point. There are two writers, one quite brilliant who goes nowhere and dies, the other less talented but ending with the dead man’s wife and the editorship of a prestigious

Sofia Sjö

films can be problematized, but they can also be seen as films that fill certain functions. Sometimes a feel-good film with a happy end is what we need to find the energy to deal with the challenges surrounding us. Rindge’s study opens up for the possibility to see depths in films, but does not suggest

Lynn Schofield Clark and Angel Hinzo

begun in 2014 that received widespread public attention beginning in spring 2016. Opposition to the Dakota Access pipeline began in 2014 when Dakota Access, llc , a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners, LP, announced their intent to construct the underground oil pipeline, challenging the legal rights

Eric Chalfant

her spirit, her secret self, some two-dimensional facsimile released by the power of technology, set free to glide through wavebands, through energy levels, pausing to say goodbye to us from the fluorescent screen? DELILLO , 1985 , p. 102 3 And it isn’t only ghosts in the machine