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Jon Mills

equal, hence comprising and participating in and of a society (or the state) harmonized in egalitarian principles, and as such constitutes the will of the people. But this is not the case for all societies. As we may plainly see in our world governed by violence, chaos, proto-fascism, dictatorship

Sean McGrath

. One might want to reflect on why, after fascism, after the Holocaust, this massive cultural reaction to totalizing systems of thought occurred; or at least to acknowledge that it did, before entrenching oneself in the older position. But this is neither here nor there. A Schellingian objection (and

Susan Rowland

Stone Age) or latent (as in the toxic effect of magical thinking in twentieth century fascism). The ‘new factor’ is not just a way of describing a mix of the simpler four preceding structures of consciousness. Gebser sees the new consciousness as really new in the way that complexity theory regards

Matthew Charles

of politics under fascism, a phenomena tied both to the emergence of the charismatic figure of the historical ‘genius’ (the individual who gives voice to the masses, using the technological means of the spectacle, and according to nostalgic notions of a lost cultural, linguistic, or racial

Luigi Zoja

the immense role the unconscious myths of Fascism and Communism played in supporting such movements to get their grip on people. Our young colleagues are first and foremost those who do not have much choice because they do not have enough work. The laws that define psychoanalysis and allow one to work

Paul Bishop

, as found in the writings of Adorno. As he uses the term, the ‘administered world’ refers to the society of late capitalism, in which a new form of fascism has taken root in the form of administration — a self-legitimizing bureaucracy (Greisman & Ritzer, 1981 ). The phrase verwaltete Welt was first