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Author: M. Iqbal Asaria

. Even the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was victim to this hegemony. Now that the West has become prey to populism bordering on fascism and its neoliberal world order is in disarray, the soft power of this moral compass is rapidly eroding away. Already anybody positing the democratic

In: Arab Law Quarterly

“A” or “The” Chief Source of Legislation: Where Did They Come From? What Do They Mean? Do They Matter?’, American University International Law Review 28(3) (2013): 755. 2 M.A. ʿArafa, ‘Whither Egypt? Against Religious Fascism and Legal Authoritarianism: Pure Revolution, Popular Coup, or a

In: Arab Law Quarterly

, Liberalism, Fascism, or Social Democracy: Social Classes and the Political Origins of Regimes in Interwar Europe (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1991); Dietrich Rueschemeyer, Evelyn Huber Stephens, and John Stephens, Capitalist Development and Democracy (Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1992

In: Middle East Law and Governance

parties to take concrete steps to promote solidar- ity, tolerance and respect; 83. We condemn the persistence and resurgence of neo-nazism, neo-fascism and vio- lent nationalist ideologies based on racial or national prejudice, and state that these phenomena can never be justified in any instance or in

In: Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law Online
Author: Pietro Faraguna

. Still, it was only after the Lateran Pacts of 1929 that state-church relations followed a completely new path. After the rise of fascism, in 1922, Mussolini’s government sealed the so-called “conciliation” between the Italian Kingdom and the Holy See through the Lateran Treaty and its concordatarian

In: Journal of Law, Religion and State