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least in the first months of the conflict; this may be linked to the relatively widespread awareness of the racial politics of Nazism, and ongoing opposition to Italian fascism. 78 Many Africans, including in rural areas, were aware of the threat that Nazi expansionism posed to sub-Saharan Africa; the

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cries had severe limitations as they related to non-European populations. Much like the Atlantic Charter, the fight against imperialism centered solely on the progression of the battle against Nazi hegemony and fascism, and the quest for freedom was limited to those of the fairer complexion. Instability

In: Journal of African Military History
Volume Editor: Francisco Bethencourt
This book addresses different dimensions of cosmopolitanism in the Portuguese-speaking world which have caused much debate, such as migration and globalisation. The volume includes contributions from leading specialists in History, Musicology, Literary Studies, Anthropology and Political Sciences. It focuses on specific processes in Brazil, Portugal, West Africa, Angola, and other parts of the world, from the sixteenth century to the present. Central topics are intercontinental trading elites, the cultural impact of forced and voluntary migration, the republic of letters, the possibilities created by freemasonry and liberalism, the adaptation of the Azorean Holy Ghost Feast to the United States, international links of conservative politicians, the international projection of the new Angolan elite, architecture and urban planning.

Contributors are: Vanda Anastácio, Cátia Antunes, Paulo Arruda, Francisco Bethencourt, Toby Green, Philip J. Havik, David R. M. Irving, João Leal, Giovanni Leoni, Ricardo Soares de Oliveira, António Costa Pinto, and Phillip Rothwell.
Author: Duncan Money

warning about the rise of fascism. 47 The first incarnation of the union proved ineffective, however, and it was thoroughly reorganised in Ndola in December 1938 when 19 men met to form the first General Council, Hodgson among them. Fearing retaliation from the mining companies, reorganisation was

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Sittī ‘Alawiyya, the Uncrowned Queen
Author: Silvia Bruzzi
In Islam and Gender in Colonial Northeast Africa, Silvia Bruzzi provides an account of Islamic movements and gender dynamics in the context of colonial rule in Northeast Africa. The thread that runs through the book is the life and times of Sittī ‘Alawiyya al-Mīrġanī (1892-1940), a representative of a well-established transnational Sufi order in the Red Sea region. Silvia Bruzzi gives us not only a social history of the colonial encounter in the Eritrean colony, but also a wider historical account of supra-regional dynamics across the Red Sea, the Ethiopian hinterland, and the Mediterranean region, using a wide range of fragmentary historical materials to make an important contribution towards filling the gap that currently exists in women's and gender history in Muslim societies.

, while the administration occasionally intervened to stop them. Yet Jennings also demonstrates how some Africans, perfectly aware of the divisions wracking France, denounced their malefactors in ways that equated fascism and colonialism, years before Aimé Cesaire would do so in his Discourse on

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Author: Barbara Henkes

fight against National Socialism? That was quickly forgotten in the heat of the Cold War. When the communist takeover in Czechoslovakia in 1948 was defended by the Dutch Communist Party with reference to the threat of a reviving fascism, Rie Ton was confronted in the Humanist Union with the expulsion

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’s formation, its relation with Spain, the emergence of a popular, Creole and African culture. The ihc also functioned as a front of alliances to mobilize liberals and communists against the advance of fascism in Europe and in solidarity with the civil combatants in the Spanish Civil War, as well as their

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