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Matthew D. Sargent

local healer to cure a female slave who suffered from skin sores. The soldier described the way in which the Indian cured her using medicine made from “a fruite, which is common in that countrie … which is of the greatnesse of an Orenge, and it hath a stone like unto a Peache.” 10 Aside from noting the

Jonathan E. Greenwood

Villegas, Tercera parte , 2: fol. 71-72. The Veronica account is a Christian tradition with no basis in Scripture. 58 Villegas, Flos sanctorum, y historia general , 2: 138v-145v. 59 Jonathan E. Greenwood, “Founder, Healer, Blessed, Saint: Collecting and Interpreting Miracles in the Iberian World” (Ph

Robert H. Jackson

) [emphasis added] (44).” The author concludes her otherwise useful essay by noting that as a result the shamans not only lost their functions as healers and their prestige. Christianity and its norms literally undermined their existence. The healing practices of the shamans were rational within the

Yasmin Haskell

Prescribing Ovid: The Latin Works and Networks of the Enlightened Dr Heerkens. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2013. Pp. 280. Hb, $110.00.

Piotr Urbański

. Finding His Feet: Six or Five; 2. Stepping Out: Healing the Republic of Letters; 3. Tomi Callings: Letters to/from Italy; 4. Writing Home: Lessons from Italy; 5. Patriots in Portraits: From National to Natural History; 6. Inscriptions and Prescriptions: The Art of Healing in Long and Short). The book

Stephen Andes

sacramental and authoritative laxness of the 1920s rebellion. It was precisely in the early 1950s that Pro’s process for beatification was put forward to Rome. We learn of the miracles attributed to Pro—everything from jobs to physical healing, with a consistent penchant for healing cures to bolster Pro

Kirsten Schultz

, Prophecies and Divinations examines these hopes and expectations, manifest in dreams, visions, spiritual practices, healing, exegesis, and Inquisitorial interrogations. The result of a collaborative research project, these essays offer fine-grained case studies and illuminate broader connective experiences

Urmi Engineer Willoughby and Kelly Hacker Jones

increasingly medically plural. Individuals—whether in China, Sri Lanka, Kerala, the Philippines, or the United States—can choose from a variety of healing practices. The scholars included here, from the disciplines of anthropology, area studies, history, sociology, and science and technology studies, have

Mary Laven

fifteenth-century cults that emerged in response to miraculous healings and apparitions. One of the strengths of this study is that it takes us beyond the wonder-years of Archbishop Carlo Borromeo, and demonstrates the longer history of devotional renewal before and after Trent. Another selling point is the

Wai-chi Chee

accelerate the healing of wounds and to “strengthen” or “build up” the body in general is by and large recognized not only by the general public but also by Hong Kong law. For instance, the court accepts claims for money spent on Chinese “nourishing food” in cases involving bodily injuries. Mr. Chung

Stefan Hanß

, similar to Leo Africanus in Italy and Domingos Álvares in Brazil, used specific cultural resources such as storytelling or healing from their past lives to negotiate their place in colonial Mexico without seeking personal liberty? The most obvious question, which is left unaddressed and unanswered, is