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Patrick Agejoh Ageh and Namrita Lall

communities and traditional healers in Africa have since time immemorial obtained divine knowledge about medicinal plants from their ancestral spirits who also taught them special ways of relating to nature and how to honour the god of knowledge. There has always been a deep interconnection between the

Jeffrey B. Meyers

quite different from what is done in the secular law of the state in modern America. It is much more than a simple determination of the facts and a decision on just deserts. Within the Talmudic tradition, the judge is a healer and teacher as well as a judicial officer and a magistrate, 74 as a

Thomas W. Bennett

truth, and as the truth unfolded, so would the healing process of reconciliation. 23 While ubuntu was key to achieving the immediate goal of political settlement, it continued to play an important, long-term role in the criminal justice system. Here, it provides a rubric for infusing African ideas of

Zia Akhtar

entire judicial process, from disclosure, mediation and reconciliation that is conducted with the objective of re-integration. 2 The intention is the attainment of reparations by the accused for the victim based on the principles of healing and living in harmony with the environment. 3 In

Catherine J. Iorns Magallanes

natural sites of great cultural significance to the tribes, including the beds of rivers and lakes; and • most recently, creation of separate legal personality for natural features with joint tribal/Crown representation of that feature’s interests. These diverse remedies help to heal the

Restorative Justice

The Chessboard of Litigation and American Indian Land Rights

Zia Akhtar

, as well as the restorative, so that the web of justice can be restored and true healing may take place. The argument for restorative justice is an effort to challenge the legitimacy of Western-imposed structures, and also to advocate the reclamation of power for the restoration of American Indians

International Human Rights Law and Discrimination Protections

A Comparison of Regional and National Responses

Mpoki Mwakagali

but very bright future in terms of human rights and equality. It states that in recognition of “the injustices of our past … adopt this Constitution as the supreme law of the Republic so as to heal the divisions of the past and establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and

Henry G. Schermers and Niels M. Blokker

healing took place through the creation of the High-level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change, the presentation in March 2005 of the “In Larger Freedom” report by the Secretary-General, and the September 2005 Summit Outcome Document. The report of the High-level Panel and the subsequent report by

Reconciliation in Europe

A Case Study from the Western Balkans

Enrico Milano

in certain cases produce further division, rather than healing of wounds and reconciliation. According to Professor Van Dyke, “a ‘reconciliation’ is [. . .] a complicated process requiring some formal steps to recognize the wrong, to describe and thereby to acknowledge the injuries caused and the

George Mousourakis

the needs of each for restoration and healing. As John Braithwaite remarks, "Retributivists are obsessed with passive responsibility because their priority is to be just in the way they hurt wrongdoers. The shift in the balance towards active responsibility occurs because the priority of the