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Laura Grestenberger

measure out’, 29 the Young Avestan 3pl. present injunctive vī-māδaiiaṇta ( V. 7.38, V. 7.40) and 3pl. present subjunctive vī-māδaiiåṇte . Latin has a present medeor ‘help, heal’ that could reflect * med-eh 1 -i̯e/o- (see Jasanoff 1978 and 2004 on the prehistory of PIE verbs in *- eh 1 -i̯e

Michael Weiss

different strategies for avoiding * ljubęštęję ję . AS alone has the gen. pl. at Mt. 8.16 vsěxŭ bolęštixŭ icěli “He healed all the sick” and at J . 17.6 ixŭže dastŭ mi ‘whom you gave to me’. 50 na nĭ < * na n-jĭ is retained in the Serbian Church Slavonic Miroslav Evangelium. Pronominal

Dark Matter

The Root *√k̑u̯el ‘Dark, Black’

Stefan Höfler

greater centaury strengthens the eyesight if the eyes are treated with a mixture of water; with the juice of the smaller kind, mixed with honey, one can dispel culices , nubeculas and obscuritates and diminish scars; the ironwort, it is believed, heals albugo in beasts of burden. Plin . Nat

Aorist voice patterns in the diachrony of Greek

The New Testament as a sample of Koine

Liana Tronci

to 89 types , e.g. ἀσπάζομαι ‘I greet’, δέχομαι ‘I receive, welcome’, διηγέομαι ‘I describe’, δύναμαι ‘I am able’, ἐργάζομαι ‘I work’, ἰάομαι ‘I heal’, κτάομαι ‘I acquire’, ὀρχέομαι ‘I dance’, χαρίζομαι ‘I gratify’, and are the main group among the aorists exclusively attested in the middle voice in

Rutger J. Allan

.rest heal.INF he.ordered He [Zeus] ordered Apollo to turn its face and half-neck towards the wound (…) and he commanded him to heal the rest. c. [Alcibiades:] ἐγὼ μὲν δὴ ταῦτα ἀκούσας τε καὶ εἰπών, καὶ ἀφεὶς ὥσπερ I PTC PTC that having.heard and having.said and having.sent like βέλη, τετρῶσθαι αὐτὸν μην (Pl

Ourania Hatzidaki and Chryssoula Lascaratou

. Wittgenstein . London: Penguin. Kleinman, Arthur. 1988. The Illness Narratives: Suffering, Healing and the Human Condition . New York: Basic Books. Kleinman, Arthur. 1996. “Suffering, ethics and the politics of moral life”. Culture, Medicine & Psychiatry 20. 287–290. Kugelmann, Robert. 1999. “Complaining about

Robert Crellin

The Gothic verb system can denote aspectual oppositions through prefixes, including, but not limited to, the prefix ga - (Kotin 2012:294). Thus in many cases the Greek aorist corresponds to the ga - prefixed form: 45 (13) ‘For he healed many.’ Mk 3:10 CA