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Jason Hickel

Robert Thornton, (2017) Healing the Exposed Being: A South African Ngoma Tradition , Johannesburg: Wits University Press, 304pp, ISBN 978-1-77614-019-0, $55.08/R380 (paperback). When I first opened Robert Thornton’s book I devoured it in more or less a single sitting. Just from the title I knew

Andrea Mariko Grant

Catholic Church’s complicity in the genocide engendered a widespread crisis of faith. With their skillful use of music and media, the abarokore churches attracted thousands of new converts. Many abarokore saw the noisiness of the new churches as key to personal healing and a way to cultivate new forms

Cati Coe

children often require extensive medical attention as well, which is costly and far away. Healers can ascertain if a difficult child is a spirit child who will cause only misfortune and death to other members of the household. If so, then the child will be poisoned or, on imbibing or seeing powerful

both Orthodox clergy and independent healers, and the sacred images they make can be used both to heal and to harm. Through protracted conversations with Ethiopian interlocutors, the author explores the moral and social ambiguity of the status of the debtera who produce talisman that can be used in

Dianna Bell

the center where she conducted the bulk of her research, Healing Revelation Ministries ( HRM ), in fact closed its doors permanently in 2010. Thus Hackman offers an insightful glimpse into the people and practices that coalesced for only a relatively brief period of time, and that might otherwise be

Francis Benyah

day of Pentecost. As in the prophetic independent African churches before them, the charismatic churches emphasize speaking in tongues, divine healing, and miracles. In addition, they profess that the material success and prosperity of their members are signs of divine grace and benevolence. 2002, 11

James Riggan

. Witulski divides The Gnawa Lions into two sections. The first, chapters 2 through 4, orients the reader toward the historical components of gnawa character: the ability to effectively heal through the manipulation of occult spirits, the performance of an African identity from south of the Sahara, Muslim

Devaka Permawardhana

, and often do battle against them. They forecast the future, heal people from illness, and lead prayers for prosperity. Church leaders—male and formally educated—look suspiciously at such activities, as they do the activities of more charismatic Pentecostal churches similarly focused on wealth, health

Timothy Landry

prestige. In part this is because gorovodu has positioned itself to fight against witchcraft, heal the sick, and offer guidance to individuals struggling with problems that range from the small to the seemingly insurmountable. In part II Montgomery and Vannier detail and explain the multifaceted uses of

Francesco Morriello

. Using archival records and interviews with Congolese, Covington-Ward reconstructs the sociopolitical and cultural impact of the prophet Simon Kimbangu and the colonial-era kingunza movements in the Lower Congo. To this day, Kimbangu’s healing gestures remain symbols of nationalism and colonial