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Robin Feuer Miller

fictions (as opposed to the exhibitionist lies of his devil), like those of his au- thor, have the potential to save both readers and himself. "Dostoevsky thus shows readers how to heal the paternal legacy of shame and pain. While Fedor Pavlovich passes his on, Ivan confronts his" (p. 216). This book will

Gulag Studies

From Stalin to Khrushchev

Ian D. Thatcher

you will be healed.’ (p. 266). When he is told the truth, Formakov draws upon his religious faith to console his wife, Anna: Your anchor of salvation and refuge is not a grave. That is just a symbol of our ties with the one who has gone ahead of us to the heavenly abode. Our tie to life is our

Amy A. Slagle

, the icons make it – it puts it in a perspective because this is Nicholas. He really lived. This is Matrona or this is Elizabeth, she was the sister or the aunt for Jesus. These are real, real people. Or, these are modern saints who can lay hands and heal people or foretell the future, uh, and perform

Pilgrims and Profits

The Russian Company of Steam Navigation and Trade, 1856–1914

Lucien Frary

the Russian Pilgrims , 34–35. 52 See, e.g., Simon Sebag Montefiore, Jerusalem: The Biography (London: Phoenix, 2011), 367, 387–388; Christine D. Worobec, “Miraculous Healings” in Sacred Stories , 42; Hughes, Beyond Holy Russia , 76. 53 Papoulides, I Politiki tis Rosias , 86–87. 54 “The Russian

Sergei Bogatyrev

) on 20 May. 15 Afanasii thus reappeared at the Chudov at the moment when the monks were celebrating the memory of their patron. Muscovites believed that the cult of Aleksii had the ability to heal. Aleksii himself allegedly cured a Tatar elite woman; his shrine was also considered a source of


together, sight, and wait for sleep's mystery to heal us. Footnotes 1. From "East of Midnight" by Gordon Lightfoot, @1986 Moose Music, Inc. Used by permission.

James L. Rice

years, when - as the tale is told - he aroused the lust of a beautiful and rich widow. Thus commenced the major episode in the legend of Moses the Hungarian, who would survive to become a venerable healer at the Kiev Crypt Monastery. His resistance to all the widow's allurements and suasions, including

An Early Childhood Illness of Ivan the Terrible

Scrofula or Tuberculosis? Chronic or Healed?

Cornelia Soldat

’s neck has burst, and pus is draining from it, and now there is a discharge with fluid and blood. And you should write to me whether it still seeps, and whether it is healing and diminishing in size, or that it had not decreased, and how is it now. Write me about this.” 13 In another letter, the


to determine the type of medicine practiced in the Caves Monastery, as well as in Kievan society as a whole. He states that "one is struck, first of all, by the intense rivalry between the professional physicians and physician-monks on one hand, and physician-monks and folk healers, or volkhvy, on

Valerie A. Kivelson

. The curse robbed him of his memory and drove him out of his senses. He lay sick and delirious in the Nikolai Miracle Worker Monastery until a combination of the ministrations of a local woman healer and the blessings of the igumen of the monastery cured him of his woes. The case breaks off with the