Marcia B. Siegel and Millicent Hodson

. (Fig. 104) The idea at the beginning of the duet is that neither the Nightingale, nor the Warriors who are protecting the Emperor, can see Death. Death slips in. (Figs. 105, 106) The Nightingale in the Massine version heals the Emperor and dances away. Balanchine changes the story completely. His

by Millicent Hodson, 1999. 106. The Nightingale comes to the Emperor’s chamber to heal him and does not see the entrance of Death with her necklace of skulls. Reconstruction drawing of Le Chant du Rossignol by Millicent Hodson, 1999. 107. Death pierces the Nightingale with her pointe shoe and

which the tsar wished to buy off the ‘slaves, weak and crushed by oppression,’ but also down with that person who granted this ‘pitiful’ [constitution].” “Down not only with the tyrant who has granted us this constitution, but also with those congenital slaves who accepted it and heal their wounds

Lynn Garafola

anti-formalist attacks. Glasnost and the collapse of the Soviet Union opened these archives to foreigners and Russians alike, inspiring a new wave of dance publications that sought to heal the breach between the two Russias—Soviet and émigré. The memoirs of Mathilde Kschessinska and Bronislava Nijinska

Jeffrey Brooks

publishing Nikolai Fedorov’s writings on resurrection and immortality in his journal Vesy (Scales) in 1904 and 1906. 24) Theosophy, curiosity about Eastern religions, and faith in popular healers such as Grigori Rasputin were part of a context in which Symbolism became almost “a surrogate religion,” in

Transed Wendy Salmond

, 1937), 55-79. 71) From mid 1930 to early 1932 Mukhina and her husband were exiled to Voronezh, as punishment for attempting to flee to Paris. See Eric Naiman, “Discourse Made Flesh: Healing and Terror in the Construction of Soviet Subjectivity,” in Igal Halfin, Language and Revolution. Making


activity. The philosopher .. Henri Bergson ascribed a fundamental role to the artist in accessing the un- conscious; the artist according to Bergson replaces the hypnotist, whose power of suggestion in releasing hidden emotional states and of healing nerv- ous disorders was proclaimed by contemporary


to be leaves of the tree in the New Jerusalem-a healing tree that is truly transnational and super- sedes primordial xenophobia. As a political treatise, then, the Book of Revelation is the product of the social environment of Christians in Asia Minor at the end of Domi- tian's reign-which by its


change "ordinary life" and "correct" or heal its pathologies. Jooss's aes- thetic tended to place the audience "outside" of modem ordinary life, so that the modem urban society he presented appeared from the skeptical, detached perspective of someone who shared his rural background and inclination to see


, inciting me, poor ant that I am, to a lofty frame of mind. For just this moment I can become better, kinder, heal- thier, in a word, a fitting subject for art. 9. Letter to Ivan Shishkin on why Russian painters are not noticed in France, Nice (July 7, 1876)26 Believe me, I have some understanding of things