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Daniel Coyne, Thomas Dubois, Pamela Paparu and Altus Viljoen

, such as salicylic acid and phytoalexins, wound healing and the oxidative burst. Endophytic non-pathogenic Fusarium oxysporum isolate V5w2 has been reported to show antagonistic effects against Radopholus similis in the screenhouse. An experiment was designed to study root biochemical changes (PAL, POX

Sven Jonasson, Liliane Ruess and Anders Michelsen

decomposer fauna of arctic soils includes no large arthropods or lumbricids (Heal, 1997). Nematodes and microarthropods are the dominant groups, and their positive in uence on microbial decomposition processes is well known for the arctic tundra and other ecosystems c ® Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 1999

Sven Jonasson, Inger Schmidt, Anders Michelsen and Liliane Ruess

the soil fauna at high latitudes, whereas the macro-fauna is scarce (Procter, 1990; Heal, 1997; Sohlenius et al. , 1997). Graz- ¤ Corresponding author, e-mail: ing of nematodes on the primary decomposers, the bac- teria and fungi, is therefore likely to affect energy and

Dmitry M. Miljutin and Maria A. Miljutina

capacity of Acantholaimus specimens to heal after serious injury and survive. Acknowledgements The authors express their gratitude to Dr Natalie Barnes for her critical revision and proofreading of the English manuscript along with anonymous reviewers for their valuable remarks

Bjorn Sohlenius and Sven Bostrom

L IS , J.G.K., J O HAN SSON , L.G., J ONS SON , S., R YDÉ N , B.E. & S O NE SSON , M. (1975). Stordalen (Abisko), Sweden. In: Rosswall, T. & Heal O.W. (Eds). Structure and function of tundra ecosystems . Ecologi- cal Bulletins (Stockholm) 20, 265-294. R U ES S , L., M IC HE L SEN , A., S CHMIDT , I