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Buddhist Epistemology and Western Philosophy of Science

Toward a Synthesis Responding to the Current Predicament of Humankind

Elías Manuel Capriles

brings about an experiential reductio ad absurdum of this delusion offering thus the “patient” the possibility of healing. Western Epistemology and the Fallibility of Science Among Hume’s “findings” most relevant to us at this point is the universally accepted objection to empirical science as

Paul Shrivastava, ポール・ シュリヴァストラヴァ, Carmela Cucuzzella and カーメラ ククゼラ

, drama, poetry, movement, dreams, and visual arts together, in an integrated way, to foster human growth, development, and healing. Such a therapy allows us to reclaim our innate capacity for creative expression of our individual and collective human experience. Expressive arts therapy is also about

Jeremy Ginges and Scott Atran

: Mapping a minefi eld. Human Rights Review 2, 46-63. —— (2002). Healing the cycles of humiliation: How to attend to the emotional aspects of “unsolvable” confl icts and the use of “humiliation entrepreneurship.” Peace and Confl ict: Jour- nal of Psychology 8, 125-138. Margalit, A. (2002). Th e

Danièle Dehouve

, it is the god who seduces Xochiquetzal and the man who seduces the woman, while in the healing ritual, it is Xochiquetzal who seduces the god. As we will see shortly, this double direction of the seduction opens the way for varied applications of the archetypical action of seduction, all the more so

Anne Silk

the Greek healing centre of Askelapios (Aesculapius) there was an unusual building for which no function has yet been found. It is round, built of stone and within there is a stone maze. Maze construction has resurfaced in the 20th and 21st centuries in unexpected ways. An 18m (60 ft) maze was created

Joseph Bulbulia and Andrew Mahoney

Religion. Biology and Philosophy , 18, 655-686. ——. (2006). Nature’s Medicine: empirical constraint and the evolution of religious healing. In P. MacNamara (Ed.), Where Man and God Meet: the new sciences of religion and brain , pp. 87-121. Greenwood Publishers, Westwood, CT. ——. (2007). Evolution and

Thomas Widlok and Keith Stenning

their KB , or when they are simply unable to clearly formulate them, as often occurs in healing or in expert-layperson interaction more generally. Minimal shared recognition of intentions is still maintained in these contexts. The logic is thus cooperative in a technical sense: the parties seek to

Connor Wood, Saikou Diallo, Ross Gore and Christopher J. Lynch

differ greatly. Korean shamans, for instance, are typically possessed by external spirits during trance performances (Kendall, 1987), whereas the !Kung healers do not experience possession, but instead become charged with a spiritual healing energy, num (Katz, 1982). Moreover, Korean shamans are

Lynda McNeil

’ activ- ity with its aid is an obligation for every clan member” (Anismov, 1963a, p. 116; also, Humphrey, 1996; Kehoe, 2000). In contrast to an understanding of shamanistic activity restricted to a healing specialist in trance (Eliade, 1964), it was the collective responsibility of the clan “to shamanize

William Sims Bainbridge

specific was blurred in the Dark Ages, and in DAoC many players and some of their enemies possess magical powers, either to heal or harm, during battle. In order to have a clear and easily explained example of how algorithms can be magical, after exploring all three realms years earlier, I re