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Jacobus Kok

In New Perspectives on Healing, Restoration and Reconciliation in John, Jacobus (Kobus) Kok investigates the depth and applicability of Jesus’ healing narratives in John’s gospel. Against the background of an ancient group-oriented worldview, it goes beyond the impasse of most Western approaches to interpreting the Biblical healing narratives to date.

He argues that the concept of healing was understood in antiquity (as in some parts of Africa) in a much broader way than we tend to understand it today. He shows inter alia why the interaction between Jesus and the Samaritan woman could be interpreted as a healing narrative, illustrating the ancient interrelationship between healing, restoration and reconciliation.

Kathleen E. Jenkins

extended walking pilgrimage, but in producing accessible sociological ideas for families looking for ways to connect spiritually and for congregational ministries searching for practices that promote group and familial healing. There is no magic data software program that can take away this worrisome edge

Jason S. Sexton

essential part of variegated religious and theological visions. 2 The visions gave rise to technocratic structures of how humans deemed guilty of some crime or another might be both punished for and in due course (if possible at all) healed from their sins or crimes. The American penitentiary has

Elizabeth Jordan

that they are a part of the family system they are working to heal, affecting its dynamics through the transferences and projections of the family members and through the roles taken on by therapist in relation to each of its members, 24 I tried to model a way of engaging in a conversation between

Joyce Ann Mercer

interchange between practical theology and peace studies. These include: attention to trauma (cf. John Paul Lederach and Angela Jill Lederach, When Blood and Bones Cry Out: Journeys Through the Soundscape of Healing and Reconciliation (New York: Oxford University Press, 2011); a greater recognition of the

Lieve Orye

brokenness and in its search for healing and redemption. She starts her book with a description of her first visit and her surprise at her own bodily discomfort in being in this mixed race church and meeting people with disabilities. Participating in this church, she feels her awkwardness and uses this to

Muthuraj Swamy

that the future of ecumenism depends on local efforts for church unity succinctly summarised this reality decades ago: ‘There is a yearning in the local church to express and experience a fuller oneness in Christ and to serve more adequately as the foretaste and agent of God’s healing love that can

Daniel Susanto

are human beings, who need not only medical care for treatment of physical symptoms, but also spiritual care for their healing. Suffering can be approached through many disciplines. It is the purpose of this paper to address some of the theological questions raised by hiv / aids , and their

Paul S. Fiddes

that there is a seeing which is more far-sighted even than imagination, a healing which is deeper than dramatic comedy, and a love which is more profound even than human love. Bottom alerts us to this with his bungled quotation of St Paul. He opens up an ecstatic experience which is erotic but also

Gerardo Marti

Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa; these religious entrepreneurs in turn influenced John Wimber, founder of the first Vineyard in Anaheim. The common sense spirituality found in their neo-Pentecostal churches readily affirm miracles, healing, ecstatic utterances, and (significantly for this study) a more