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Stephen David

). My reading is moored to Van der Merwe and Gobodo-Madikizela’s book Narrating our Healing 2 which demonstrates quite lucidly the functionality of stories and storytelling as spaces of healing and the centrality of narration to the rediscovery of an erstwhile ruptured sense of self. I frame this

Separating the Magical from the Real

The Representation of the Barwa in Zakes Mda’s She Plays with the Darkness

Michael Wessels

. Like Dikosha, the Barwa “play with the darkness”. The male dancers surround Dikosha with their erect penises, euphemistically referred to as “maleness”, “pointed unflinchingly at her.” This virility is not sexual, however, but indicative of an energy harnessed for healing. There is a female component

Annie Gagiano

grievously mangled bodies have never before been seen in Ethiopia. The girl never speaks except to murmur “Abbaye” (father) on two occasions. 39 The constantly guarded patient slowly improves in health, but the effectiveness of his healing confronts Hailu with a dilemma: for whom—or what 40 —is he healing

The Role of the Surreal in Postcolonial African Writing

The Case of Legson Kayira’s Jingala and The Detainee

Joshua Isaac Kumwenda

aimed at educating, feeding and protecting them and even healing them when they are sick, among other responsibilities of either the state to its citizens or the church to its members. However, the text constructs a counter-discourse to this by showing the spirits of the ancestors taking care of their

From the Atlantic to the Indo-Pacific

Creolisation, Magic, and Mimesis in Oceanic Networks

Fernando Rosa

European Ideas 41.7 (2015): 858–882. 25 Michael T. Taussig, Mimesis and Alterity: a particular history of the senses (New York: Routledge, 1993). 26 Michael T. Taussig, Shamanism, Colonialism, and the Wild Man: a study in terror and healing (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1986); Michael T

Weems is a medical humanist writing her first book, The Poetics of Healing. Her research interests include narrative medicine, traumatology, and the clinical uses of reflective writing. She is Assistant Professor of Literature and Language at Lincoln Memorial University.

Grace Moore

is as concerned with literature’s role in helping and even healing the damaged child, as much as it is in the imagination. It is valuable for its breadth, but also for the ways it combines its discussions of heroic children, both real and imagined.

Sandra Weems and Tom Bragg

’. Arguing that Gurney’s post-war poetry helped him achieve some stable and rational connection to the world, at least temporarily, Hipp makes evident the poet’s reliance on poetry as self-therapy, a ‘form of self-healing through which he sought to give his life meaning during the war and to assert a stable

Helen Dell

the days of my youth (as Kant insisted) except insofar as, for ‘one brief shining moment’ to quote Lerner and Loewe’s Camelot (another Eden), my generation felt that we and the earth could be healed and that we were the ones who could bring it about. 60 That innocent (and arrogant) belief in itself

Mick Warren

ideas of Britishness across the Empire by a growing awareness of colonial atrocities. Robinson’s journals give us stunning insight into an emotional world attempting to heal this particular rupture in British imperial consciousness, with his capacity for empathy necessarily vying with his ambition to be