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Hans Olsson

illness which required regular consultation with traditional (Muslim) healers ( waganga wa kienyeji ). But nothing helped until a major event occurred in her life that changed everything. With joy and gravity, Raheli 1 explains that her life took a new turn when, a few years ago, just across the road

Andrew J. Mitchell

of these concerns and it forms the focus of what follows. To appreciate its importance, we shall approach it in light of Heidegger’s earlier views on health and healing, which change drastically between the rise of National Socialism in 1933 and its end in 1945. Nevertheless, it is only in the

Taken from the Lips: Gender and Eros in Mesoamerican Religions

Gender and Eros in Mesoamerican Religions


Sylvia Marcos

This volume deals with the world of women in Mesoamerica, discussing particularly the religious and ritual aspects of gender. As its sources, it uses colonial documents of the contact period with European cultures, testimonies of the subjugated indigenous during the colonial period , as well as contemporary ethnographic studies The book starts with an analysis of healing rituals in contemporary Mexico , focusing on the "refunctionalization" of ancient beliefs and practices.From there it moves spiral-like between pre-hispanic and colonial pasts and diverse presents. The section on "orality" is a methodological proposal for the study of indigenous religious traditions.The book is illustrated with reproductions of ancient codices.

Ernst M. Conradie

HEALING IN SOTERIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE E rnst M. C onradie A bstract This article o ff ers some theological reflections on healing from a soterio- logical perspective. This is based on a conceptual map for soterio- logical discourse, which adapts Christological debates on theories of atonement

Christoffer Grundmann

57 Healing as a Missiological Challenge CHRISTOFFER GRUNDMANN The formal approbation of the study project "The Church as a Healing Community" by I.A.M.S. Executive Committee (see: Mission Studies No. 5, Vol. III-1, 1986, p. 77) sets the scene for missiologists to embark upon the whole issue of

African Charismatics

Current Developments within Independent Indigenous Pentecostalism in Ghana


Johnson Asamoah-Gyadu

This volume examines Pentecostal/charismatic renewal in an African context. Ghanaian Pentecostalism in its modern charismatic form has become the most visible expression of renewal within indigenous Christianity. The book first articulates the contribution of the older African initiated churches (AICs) to local Christianity arguing that, in spite of a present decline, the AICs have left an enduring theological imprint on indigenous Christian expression. Furthermore, it accounts for the rise of the new independent churches, the charismatic ministries. These have been proliferating across the West Africa sub-region since the late 1970s. In addition to this, the book explores how the emphases of the new Ghanaian charismatics—internationalism, transformation, prosperity, healing and deliverance—provide useful insights into the nature of modern African Pentecostal spirituality.

Daniel Susanto

are human beings, who need not only medical care for treatment of physical symptoms, but also spiritual care for their healing. Suffering can be approached through many disciplines. It is the purpose of this paper to address some of the theological questions raised by hiv / aids , and their

Maynor Clara Cheng

126 Maynor Clara Cheng INTEGRATING INNER-HEALING INTO MISSIONS EDUCATION* Introduction When missionaries undergo culture shock, they often experience feelings of uncertainty, apprehension, frustration, helplessness, a sense of inferiority, and anxiety. All these feelings threaten the self

Sharan B. Merriam and Mazanah Muhamad

, language barriers, and preference for traditional healers” (Smith et al ., 2006, cited in Parsa et al ., 2006 :511). The World Health Organization (WHO), in fact, estimates that “80% of the world’s population continues to use their own traditional systems of medicine despite the increasing presence of

Nico Koopman

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden R eligion & T heology 13/1 (2006) Unisa Press Also available online – 1 Stanley Hauerwas, Su ff ering Presence: Theological Re fl ections on Medicine, the Mentally CURING OR CARING? THEOLOGICAL COMMENTS ON HEALING N ico K oopman A bstract This article