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Hu Tianlong

Imbalanced doctor-patient conflicts and divergences such as healthcare disturbance (yinao) significantly undermine the already-weakened mutual trust and lead to further deterioration of workplace safety and environment for medical professionals in China. China has to implement all sorts of efforts to cut off the hostile settings where medical disturbances are rooted and developed. Such measures should at least include sufficient remedies provided by medical insurance, refined administrative mediation mechanism, better workplace protective systems in medical institutions, and more importantly, a full-pledged framework with enforceable rules to circumvent medical disturbances and resolving medical accidents. It is necessary to stipulate administrative, civil and criminal measures to punish medical disturbers while guaranteeing medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and supporting staffs due secured medical practice. In particular, a third-party dispute resolution mechanism, an improved appraisal platform and protection of confidential information of patients and doctors should be implemented in due course. In addition to a more refined legal framework, the social, cultural and professional settings of medical practice should also be further improved by removing “revenge” attacks on Chinese hospital professionals.

--Belgium.Drugs--Law and legislation--Belgium.Health insurance--Law and legislation--Belgium.People with disabilities--Legal status, laws, etc.--Belgium.People with disabilities--Civil rights--Belgium.Public heal...

--Egypt.Pharmacy--Law and legislation--Egypt.Drugs--Law and legislation--Egypt.Health insurance--Law and legislation--Egypt.Public health laws--Egypt. Primary Sources [Prohibiting female circumcision except for “heal...

Ordonnance of 29 May 1894 (practitioners of the healing arts) (14.6). Regulated by Arrêtés 153 of 14 Mar 1994 and 219 of 23 Apr 1997. Loi 1,263 of 23 Dec 2002 (blood, plasma and blood products) in Journal De Monaco10 Jan 2003 on Legimonaco at Abrogates Loi

Florence Renucci

and the population at large considered that the office of executioner was tainted by infamy, the latter maintained an ambiguous attitude towards executioners, who were associated with healing powers. In some cases, executioners, confronted with negative prejudices, sought remedies in law in order to

Patrick Agejoh Ageh and Namrita Lall

communities and traditional healers in Africa have since time immemorial obtained divine knowledge about medicinal plants from their ancestral spirits who also taught them special ways of relating to nature and how to honour the god of knowledge. There has always been a deep interconnection between the

Jeffrey B. Meyers

quite different from what is done in the secular law of the state in modern America. It is much more than a simple determination of the facts and a decision on just deserts. Within the Talmudic tradition, the judge is a healer and teacher as well as a judicial officer and a magistrate, 74 as a

Thomas W. Bennett

truth, and as the truth unfolded, so would the healing process of reconciliation. 23 While ubuntu was key to achieving the immediate goal of political settlement, it continued to play an important, long-term role in the criminal justice system. Here, it provides a rubric for infusing African ideas of

Returning the ‘Fallen Terrorist’ for Burial in Non-international Armed Conflicts

The Rights of the Deceased, the Obligations of the State, and the Problem of Collective Punishment

Frédéric Mégret and Chloe Swinden

-conflict governance. This is a preferable response, as undue delay in discharging this obligation may appear to run contrary to the overarching purposes of respect for the dead and family life and postpone reconciliation and post-conflict healing. On the other hand, the import of ihrl into the mix may be more

Leena Grover

-seeking, institutional reform, vetting of public employees and officials, or an appropriately conceived combination thereof, in order to, inter alia, ensure accountability, serve justice, provide remedies to victims, promote healing and reconciliation, establish independent oversight of the security system and restore