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Aryo Makko

Nordic nations provided public goods to the world community … [and] fancied themselves as mediators and healers”. 58 Overall, then, the nineteenth century remains a somewhat obscure period in Swedish historiography. Relatively few scholars have dealt with this period in recent decades, and this is

Valerie Rosoux

denying that it was “certainly not easy for the families of the victims of the wars, violence, terror, whose pain will never heal,” but in also considering the need to put an end to the hostilities “so that our children, our children’s children, will no longer experience the painful cost of war” (Rabin

Valérie Rosoux

adversaries (Bar-Siman-Tov 2004 ), while the third accentuates a process of collective healing based on the rehabilitation of both victims and offenders (Tutu 1999 ). Structures and Institutions After the cessation of violent acts, parties in conflict can establish mutually accepted structural and


Declaration of Principles between Israel and the PLO. In that charged atmosphere the assembled dignitaries heard Rabin quote from Ecclesiastes: “ ‘to everything there is a reason, and a time to every purpose under heaven. A time to be born, a time to die. A time to kill, and a time to heal. A time to weep and

Diana Aljets, Betsie Chacko and Maria Jessop

geared towards healing the deep wounds of the war and setting the basis for true M. Jessop et al. / International Negotiation 13 (2008) 93–109 105 community reconciliation to hold. [Secretary General of IRCSL Alimany P. Koroma] pledged the support of his organization at all times . . . thanked the

Jacob Bercovitch and Ayse Kadayifci-Orellana

pursuers of transna- tional justice. Th ese actors have an impact on changing behaviors, attitudes and negative stereotypes; educating the parties; healing trauma and injuries; dissemi- nating ideas such as democracy and human rights; drafting committed people to do peace work; challenging traditional


supported the TRC so that “the task of healing the wounds of the past” would pave the way for the implementation of one of the principles of the Freedom Charter: “South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white.”. The TRC was a mechanism intended to uncover activities of all parties in the past

Polkinghorn and Pinto

517 ways that the Native American form of mediation, peacemaking, occurs in the United States today.” While different tribes may have different procedures, the similarities among their methods of peacemaking are the inclusion of all interested parties and the focus on healing everyone involved in such


Central and Eastern European societies for the participatory management of conflict atrophied during the 50 years of communist rule. By creating a set of norms that disavowed the value, utility, and healing power of conflict, the former communist regimes failed to create cultural, institutional, or


particular and intense interest in healing the division on their island. Some also come CONCLUSION 473 Table 1 . Analysis of the Cases Author/ Participants Objectives Outcomes Issues Evaluation Conflict Diamond/ Mid-Level Transformation Culture of Peace Culture Comments Cyprus Influentials