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well as in characters. 師 is used on its own for a ‘teacher’, for which 先生 (93 J  – 93 I ) ‘xiānshēng’ is also a term; and is further used for a ‘doctor’ of medicine: 醫師 (121 A ) 醫 医 to heal, doctor (121 A …) ‘yīshī’. In this, 醫 also written 医 (121 A ) ‘yī’ means ‘to heal’ or can itself mean a

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used in expressions for having a strong grip and for being ‘firm, stable’. The lower part of the character is meaning associator for dishes as in 盈 (194), to fill, and 盃 (210), a cup, while the top has 舟 (111), ‘a boat’, and 殳, the hand with a pole or baton which occurs in 醫 (121 A ), ‘to heal’; the

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