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Models in Theology and Practice

This detailed historical study of the formative years of Pentecostal healing shows with abundant examples how many early Pentecostals were grappling with questions of great importance for the Christian understanding of healing and its relationship to soteriology. This is essential reading for an understanding of the background to Pentecostal thinking and will inform theological reflection on issues associated with the healing ministry of the Christian church.

whole communities changing allegiance to Christ. 3 Peter Wagner and Charles Kraft, both influenced by John Wimber’s, ‘Signs, Wonders and Church Growth’, course at Fuller 4 explored methods of combating evil spirits as part of a broader power encounter approach in continuity with the healings

In: Journal of Pentecostal Theology

inspiration ( Bachelard 1942 ), and motivates diverse ritual engagements with its cleansing power. This essay examines a particular perspective of what constitutes “living water” held by Nguni-speaking 1 diviner-healers in South Africa. Diviner-healers (Xhosa- amagqirha ; Zulu- izangoma ) comprise an

In: Worldviews: Global Religions, Culture, and Ecology
The Brill Handbook of Contemporary Religions in Brazil provides an unprecedented overview of Brazil’s religious landscape. It offers a full, balanced and contextualized portrait of contemporary religions in Brazil, bringing together leading scholars from both Brazil and abroad, drawing on both fieldwork and detailed reviews of the literatures. For the first time a single volume offers overviews by leading scholars of the full range of Brazilian religions, alongside more theoretically oriented discussions of relevant religious and culture themes. This Handbook’s three sections present specific religions and groups of traditions, Brazilian religions in the diaspora, and issues in Brazilian religions (e.g., women, possession, politics, race and material culture).

Introduction Cultural constructions of healing and medicine have recently undergone great changes. Older ideas of psychosomatic medicine from the 1940s and 1950s drew on a much narrower, psychoanalytically informed understanding than what Anne Harrington calls mind-body medicines, which have

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In: Handbook of Global Contemporary Christianity

THE MEANING OF EXPERIENCE: THEORETICAL DILEMMAS IN DEPICTING A PERUVIAN CURANDERA'S PHILOSOPHY OF HEALING' BONNIE GLASS-COFFIN [E]xperience has to be lived by each one of us. I'm not going to live the same experience that another lived! Each one has to live his own expe- rience, each one has to

In: Method & Theory in the Study of Religion

TURNER'S DEFINITION OF RITUAL RECONSIDERED: GROTOWSKI'S EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE AS SECULAR RITUALS OF "SPIRITUAL" HEALING BOBBY C. ALEXANDER This article breaks with conventional conceptualizations of ritual, religion, and theater, using Victor Turner's theory of ritual to illuminate the ritual

In: Method & Theory in the Study of Religion
In: Handbook of New Religions and Cultural Production

Joel Cabrita, The People’s Zion: South African, The United States, and a Transatlantic Faith-Healing Movement (Cambridge, MA : Harvard University Press, 2018). 368 pp. $ 45.00 hardcover. Joel Cabrita complicates our understanding of the history of the local and the global development of Zion

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