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Jimmy Yu

New York: Columbia University Press, 2014. x + 240 pages. Hardcover. isbn : 978-0-231-16802-1. us $55.00. Buddhist doctrine in scriptural and commentarial literature defines karma as “intended actions” of body, speech, and mind, which is simply a mechanistic description of cause and effect

Fuk-tsang Ying, Hao Yuan and Siu-lun Lau

among the members of a community produce social capital for a well-functioning civil society (Putnam 2000). There are four characteristics of civic community: civic engagement; the horizontal relationship of reciprocity and cooperation; high levels of solidarity, trust, and tolerance; and social

Karrie J. Koesel

institutions. They are unofficial and voluntary organizations, often with dense horizontal networks that cut across salient cleavages, endowed with resources and dedicated supporters, and often led by charismatic leaders. In other words, these churches possess a distinct set of resources that make them

The Normalizing Power of the Therapeutic God

Subjectivity, Religious Agency, and Shame before God

Teemu Ratinen

analysis of the relations between the social and the subjective (Koivunen 2010: 9; Wetherell 2012: 2–3). For example, Sara Ahmed (2004: 10–12, 191–196; 2010) has argued that emotions ‘do’ more than ‘are’; an emotion is not the possession of an individual, but an effect of circulation of signs and objects

Fenggang Yang

, and grander. Remarkably, almost all of the newly built churches placed on their spires a tall red Roman cross—a short horizontal beam on a longer upright post. The conspicuous red crosses dotting the skylines had indeed become ubiquitous throughout Zhejiang. We have asked various Christians why they

Thomas J. Coleman III, Kenan Sevinç, Ralph W. Hood Jr. and Jonathan Jong

Goldenberg 2012; Jong et al. 2012; Vail et al. 2010), we argue that much of these results are slightly misleading (unintentionally so) and may actually be illustrating a more nuanced effect. In part, this is symptomatic of a more general problem across the social scientific study of nonreligion in which

Yvonne Weeseman, Hanneke van Laarhoven and Michael Scherer-Rath

, 1153-1157). After infancy, the autobiographical memory system develops to such a degree that it enables children between two and four years old to use their autobiographical memories of life events to begin constructing narratives about themselves that include logic, sequence, cause and effect

Jos Pieper

. In summary, we see growth in the domains of the physical (nature), psychological (growth, strength, living in the here and now), social (improved social relationships) and existential (being open to the horizontal and vertical transcendent). Finally, a warning: not everyone experiences post

Johanna Sumiala and Anu A. Harju

here to horizontal spheres where the core domains of ‘communicative action’, ‘justification’, ‘verification’, ‘engagement’ are no longer – together – necessarily embedded in the bounded discourse of a community or nation but scattered across different discursive sites within globalized communicative


Carter Vaughn Findley

were probably different people with radically different techniques. Combining illustrations with printed text presented more challenges. Copper-plate engravings had to be printed on a rolling press, which had a horizontal action. 2 The text had to be printed on a letterpress printer, which had a