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Steffie van Gompel and Petra Hogenboom

. How much is missing exactly is unknown. The recto has a smooth surface and contains the main text. The verso, which has a rougher surface than the recto, contains a list of names (possibly a witness list). The scribe flipped the papyrus horizontally. Despite the damaged condition of the papyrus, the


Willy Clarysse and Dorothy J. Thompson

Ptolemy iii (mid June-mid July 229 bc ). 1 Two new fragments found in the Sorbonne collection (P. Sorb. inv. 1351) complete the bottom of cols x–xii of the recto and the foot of (old) cols xx–xxiv on the verso. 2 A further large piece of papyrus (P. Sorb. inv. 1344), measuring 36.5 cm horizontally

Evert van Emde Boas

is part of the intended effect”, heightening the pathos as we see Priam hewn down “as he was negotiating . . . the steps of the altar.” 26, on the metaphorical use of κρηπίς at HF 1261-2 (ὅταν δὲ κρηπὶς µὴ καταβληθῇ γένους // ὀρθῶς, ἀνάγκη δυστυχεῖν τοὺς ἐκγόνους): Stieber suggests that κρηπίς in

P.J. Finglass

do not go back to Sophocles. The playwright, and copyists after him until at least the third century BC, will have signified a change of speaker merely by a paragraphos : a horizontal stroke above the extreme left-hand edge of the first line of a new speech. 3 Speaker change in the middle of a line

Emilia Ruiz Yamuza

locutive layer but assertive in the illocutive layer, preparing or anticipating an order (p. 119), is backed up by the analysis of other forms commuting with the imperative. Chapter III considers the relationship between speaker and hearer as being organized in two different dimensions: horizontal, going

Robert Clear

performance was probably made before an audience of Thrasyboulos’ high-ranking peers. These fellow aristocrats were, in effect, the ‘listening community’, i.e. those politically and socially salient members of Akragantine society who mattered. 4) The price of failing to marshal their sentiments in favour of

Proclus on the Forms of Attributes

The Case of Figures and Numbers (in Prm. 3.826.19-827.18)

Alberto Kobec

are superior in the hierarchy of reality. 32 If higher causes give rise to a greater number of effects than lower causes, it follows, conversely, that a more general effect will have a higher cause than a more specific one. When we apply this general rule of causality to the problem of the Forms of


bodies which are κάλλιστος can be assembled from these. However, the introduction of symmetry concepts has no effect on Cornford’s main argument that the larger triangles of 57c-d are all built from two basic units. 2. An Infinite Variety of Triangles? Authors who maintain this view refer to 57d4-5, τὴν

E. Marianne Stern

resemble rock crystal in a remarkable manner, but the effect has been to flout the laws of Nature and actually increase the value of the former without diminishing that of the latter’ (tr. D.E. Eichholz, Loeb Classical Library) . 61) Shortland 2004; cf. Ignatiadou et al. 2003 on the natural formation of

Chiara Thumiger

voice as the ultimate source for the meaning of these words, and more generally, of an established Truth in these patients’ cases; quite the contrary, our object should be the communication in itself, the effect that the text achieves in our perception as audience; and to explore how the communication