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Teresa Cierco

of law: horizontal accountability, effective, representative and legitimate institutions of governance, and a transparent system of public administration. These three aspects are then developed in regard to the Albanian case, using primary and secondary sources, including some interviews that were

Robert C. Stuart

architecture o f the 1920s was oriented toward 'international architecture quality,' but was, nevertheless, not archi- tecture in the Western sense o f the w o r d . . . . Metaphorically speaking, the architec- ture o f the 1920s was the set for an amateur production played out in a horizontal plane for the

RichardD. Anderson

's publisher h a s s l a s h e d t h e word totalitarnyi diagonally in black against a pale field to form an acute angle with the "k" in iazyk, which is printed horizontally in ochre against a black field. The colors and angle combine to foreground "language" against Htotalitarian" receding in visual per

Erica Fraser

Russianness . . . has the power to awaken an emergent fantasy of a possible world, and thus to provoke an aes- thetic integration that will have a therapeutic effect" (p. 251). Hellberg-Hirn's cele- bration o f the irrational, personal, and unconstrained is, in the end, disquieting, espe- cially when


hierarchy of images from the cupola and walls of the church into a multitiered icon screen with specifi- cally ordered vertical and horizontal hierarchies. From the highest tier, that of the forefathers, through those of the prophets and the feasts, we reach the Deesis tier that depicts Christ en- throned

Daniel H. Kaiser

. 1 17, op. 1, no. 2088. 462 ceased - had widowed Anna Bulanina, the woman whom Monastyrev now wished to marry. As noted above, clerics saw a man and his wife as one, and because their union effected a relationship between two families otherwise unrelated, canon law extended to the two families the


text "Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas" reading horizontally, vertically and backward.45 The Latin piece has been found across Europe, and was considered to be a talisman. As far as se- 41. Higgins, P a t t e r n P o e t r y : Guide to Unknown Literature, p. 22 . , 42. Ibid., 23. 43. 0 . Biletskyi


a generic presence. Thus his movement from generic non-identity to identity is effected on the narra- tive level. This aesthetic principle I term the narrative generation o f the hero's identity. The following argument has two parts. In the first, after a brief review o f certain theoretical


shape o f commas, while some o f the circles include unusual letters and num- bers, some o f which are stamped horizontally. (Fig. 4) The partially visible drawings in the central part o f the work seem to be technical, whereas some o f the curves in the form o f commas contain printed text in them


's technique of decon- struction to achieve a mocking pleonastic effect. Inasmuch as Izvestia means "news," Kuzminsky's work "News from Izvestiia" apparently calls attention to an intentional redundancy o f the phrase. In order to emphasize the logical fallacy o f the title, the author further decomposes its