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John E. Bowlt and Nicoletta Misler

concrete elements, horizontal and vertical, convex and concave (cf. Suprematist Games of 1968 and Linii [Lines] of 2003). Moreover, snow can also constitute a highly textured and refractive ground, charging a composition or construction with variegation and energy (cf. Tsentry iskrivlennogo

Stephanie Jordan

relationship, that “a step had been taken which might lead to dancing without any musical accompaniment at all.” 11) In fact, the freedom of relationship is not at all casual, as the precise timing in Nijinsky’s notation demonstrates. Walking nearly always fits the pulse. Yet the effect is free, and it is

East and West, Past and Present

The Manifold Iconographic Code in Valentin Serov’s Portrait of Ida Rubinstein (1910)

Tanja Malycheva

by both traditional and modernist painters. In order to intensify the effect, Serov used his own specific technique: Rubinstein’s contours are drawn with charcoal and appear very sharp; they often break and turn into faint shadows. The body and the background are of the same sandy color, the raw

Christina Lodder

. A contemporary, reporting on Malevich and Puni’s lecture on 12 January 1916, summarized Puni’s statements to the effect that “Relief in painting and sticking on alien objects is explained by the desire to convey acute dissonances and relationships between textures.” 47) Alongside works that

Alison Hilton

traveler watching a grain harvest on a country estate admired the colorful effect of the peasants ranged across the landscape, “forming a brilliant picture in contrast with the yellow grain, in their blue and scarlet raiment.” 3 For visits and holidays, women wore a short circular cape ( epanechka ) or a

Musya Glants

of men, now witnessed the appearance of Latvian artists, actors, dancers, musicians and anyone who could be used in the field of entertainment (Ill. 16). For example, the Soviet Latvian State Artistic Ensemble led by composer Yanis Ozolin’sh, was organized in 1942 in Ivanovo. The effect was explosive


methodology were to be pursued - above all, for studying the conformities of the effect of works of art on the individuals (an interest dictated by the simple consideration that the "purpose of any potential work of art is to produce some kind of effect on the human being.")4 As we can see, the Program


inner essence of the organized painterly elements in their total effect. 10. The work [of art] is the material composition. 11. The means of expressing the content can be identified by an analysis of the means of expression or by an analysis of the forms in the broad sense of the word. 12. Form falls


"luminous and refract- ing geometric assemblage" of the set and costumes.3 3 The design was notable for its purely abstract forms and its use of transparent, highly reflective plastics, the visual impact of which was en- hanced by dark backdrops and strong lighting. The effect is conveyed to some degree by


forms of the bodies, something like a landscape. Moreover, Goleizovsky broke the line of the composition as the horizontal rows of white garments "billowed first from the center, then from the sides."6 The symbolic image, essentially static, acquired a new expressivity, creating a universal sign of