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Barbara Sands

of the general economic circumstances surrounding North China's peasants. After documenting the above listed economic changes, Myers concludes that increased market opportunities offset the potentially depressing effect of increased population in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries such

Paul B. Vitta

great extent structural problems of this nature are products of a continuing war between "vertical" and "horizontal" integration. On the one hand, bureau- cracies are integrated vertically: all issues falling under a ministry's schedule of duties, for example, are referred to higher and higher levels in

Eric L. Hyman

ATI engi- neer, Carl Bielenberg, designed a less expensive and smaller version of the Colin model with fewer imported components-the horizontal Caltech. One major difference between the two designs is the Caltech's substitution of a reducer for the gearing that was subject to frequent breakdowns in

Anson D. Shupe and Lawrence E. Hazelrigg

and son occurred fairly often but was largely horizontal and therefore had little effect on the relationship between caste and occupational hierarchies. Driver accounted for the parallelism of these hier- archies largely in terms of levels of educational attainment, and while he conceded that

Otwin Marenin and Marshall Carter

roughly one half of the patrolling ranks. Education has a pronounced and significant effect on two variables, Trust and Laws (see Table 3). It leads to an increased sense of isolation from the public and to a much less positive evaluation of the impartiality of the laws of Nigeria. The effect of education

Mamoru Iga

regard them as untrustworthy and inferior. Un- derstandably such expectations of rejection and discrimination cause insecurity and paranoiac mistrust in the orphan, which may be called the koji konjo (orphan mentality). The effect of the koji konjo and the negative expectation of others make it difficult

P.H. Reddy

all the marriage cohorts. But the difference has been narrowing. It was nearly two years in the first cohort, and only 0.8 years and 0.4 years in the second and the third cohorts respectively. This again raises the ques- tion : Why is the effect of primary education on the age at marriage of males

John G. Galaty

age-set system is the determinant of when they may inherit, for sons become eligible heirs only after initiation by circumcision and affiliation with a specific age-set. In effect, the primary units of productive organization-the polygynous family and the multi-family homestead, within a territorial

Surjit Mansingh

- tion of the Soviet Union; in many cases their effect was to increase the attrac- tiveness of Western goods, markets and military products for the Indian peo- ple. The expansion of India's economic and military base no doubt reinforced India's self-image as an important and independent regional power

Kathryn Ranhorn and Christian A. Tryon

focused his excavation and analysis on Nasera and applied the scheme he developed at Nasera to collections at Mumba (which he studied in less detail) and Olduvai Gorge (a highly selected sample from the Naisiusiu Beds). In effect, the stratigraphic ordering of named artifact industries at Nasera