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I. V. Ryzhova and G. N. Andrianov

primary afferents. 3.1. The effect of L -GLU Control applications of L -GLU in concentrations above 0.1 m M caused a considerable and reversible increase in resting discharge. This is illustrated by Fig. 1. As can be clearly seen, the initial discharge frequency obtained in normal solution considerably

Rocío Salceda and Jorge Alberto Pérez-León

gated currents of A II amacrine cells in a slice preparation of the rat retina, J. Neurosci. 13 , 2874– 2888. 2. Borges, S. and Wilson, M. (1991). Dual effect of glycine on horizontal cells of the tiger salamander retina, J. Neurophysiol. 66 , 1993– 2001. 3. Grünert, U. and Wässle, H. (1993

R. C. Peters, D. A. Kraaij and F. Bretschneider

. (1993) injected the antineoplastic drug vincristine subcutaneously, which had a marked but variable effect on electroreceptor functioning. To be able to control the serosal compartment, an in vitro recording method must be adopted, where the composition of the internal medium can be varied at will and

Huijun Zhong and Colin A. Nurse

extracellular [K + ] o caused a progressive increase in I h and a positive shift in E h , whereas reducing extracellular [Na + ] o caused a small reduction in I h and an opposite shift in E h . Reducing extracellular [Cl − ] o had no significant effect on E h , though the amplitude of I h decreased. Tail

Donald Ganchrow, Gadi Pelled and Judith R. Ganchrow

positioned horizontally in an egg carton cell. A small portion of the blunt end of the eggshell was alcohol-swabbed, carefully windowed with a scalpel blade, and a Hamilton syringe positioned through the opening and air space of the egg. Then 25 µ l containing 25 µ Ci (0.07 µ g) of [ 3 H]thymidine (specific