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Marijana Petakov, Slavka Mandić-Radić, Jovan Taseski, Bela Balint, Diana Bugarski, Živorad Malićević and Ibolja Černak

lobectomy were treated with FG on the surgical cut surface or underwent standard surgical technique. The efŽ cacy of FG-treatment was evaluated on the basis of the 24-hour survival ratio and peripheral blood hematological parameters. The mean values of Ž brinogen, FXIII, Ž bronectin and horizontal tensile

Hiroyuki Narita, Hiroshi Fujita, Toshio Kasuga, Shigeru Sanada, Mitsuhito Mase, Tatsuo Banno, Kichiro Koshida, Masayoshi Imazawa and Tosiaki Miyati

horizontally at the magnet isocenter and aimed in a direction orthogonal to the patient axis, while the extension cable led to the ISLM. Under these conditions, we measured the con- tinuous equivalent A -weighted (similar to the frequency response of the human ear) sound pressure level ( L eq , time weighting

Roman Paśniczek, Jerzy Kiwerski, Jan Oderfeld, Krzysztof Jaworek, Adam Morecki, Teresa Zielińska and Marian Weiss

forward and backward motions as well as leftward and rightward motions, i.e. they must have mobility in both saggital and horizontal planes in relation to the body. Moreover the whole body, in a spatial model, must be able to incline to the sides (motion in the frontal plane) in order to balance the

Ken-Ichi Itoh and Toyohiko Hayashi

head (initial position) (x pa i ,z pa i ) application point of each spring tension on the mandibular head (displaced position) (x q i ,z q i ) application point of each spring tension on the fossa (initial position) α inclination of the occlusal plane from the Frankfort horizontal plane (x g ,z g

S. L. Choubisa, S. Khare and D. K. Choubisa

abnormalities (anisocytosis, poikilocytosis, microcytosis and target cells). Horizontal paper and cellulose acetate-electrophoreses were performed for the identification and quantitative evaluation of the fast-moving haemoglobin, Hb-Bart’s. An osmotic fragility test was also done on cord blood and in peripheral

’s sarcoma herpesvirus [3– 6]. The biological characteristics of vertical and horizontal transmission of gamma herpesviruses have been examined in several laboratories [4, 5]. Collection of these new data might create the fundamental core of one of the next volumes of the Series concerned. Congratulations to