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Jenn-Yeu Chen, Michael Friedrich and Hua Shu

starc effect served as an index of the spatial-temporal mapping process engaged by the participants. The spatial domain tapped by the task was usually the horizontal one. To see if a starc effect was present when the spatial-temporal mapping involved the vertical spatial domain, the response keys

Susan Rowland

philosopher, Maximus, follows a path that leads from personal fragmentation to wholeness in the divine. In effect, both thinkers offer a model of being though psychic experience; for Jung, psychological individuation; for Maximus, spiritual advancement (p. 11): Whilst Jung principally focused on

Mathew Mather

described more broadly as an astro-alchemical myth . In such a formulation, the vertical and horizontal Fishes flow into the container of the anthropos. In this grail-like alchemical vas , a coniunctio of spirit and matter are effected. In alchemy, these take on a variety of forms such as the red and

Florian van Leeuwen, Nora Parren, Helena Miton and Pascal Boyer

frequencies of selected stories. Marginal percentages are in parentheses. Standardized residuals in brackets To test for the effect of trait anxiety on story selection, we analyzed the aggregated data of Studies 1A and 1B (N = 280). The data were analyzed with multinomial logistic regression using the package

Rawan Charafeddine, Hugo Mercier, Takahiro Yamada, Tomoko Matsui, Mioko Sudo, Patrick Germain, Stéphane Bernard, Thomas Castelain and Jean-Baptiste Van der Henst

investigated here is the effect of dominance on belief in communicated messages. Experiments in the field of trust in testimony have demonstrated that preschoolers rely on a wide variety of cues when deciding whose messages to accept (for reviews, see Clément, 2010; Harris, 2012). In spite of the importance of

Jason Butler

( 2004 ) adds additional complexity to this paradox of universal and manifold, noting, ‘An archetypal image is psychologically ‘universal’ because its effect amplifies and de-personalizes’ (p. 11). The archetypal image, Hillman argued, has a de-personalizing and even de-humanizing (Hillman, 1975

Jordan S. Potash

settings or through active imagination. Howes ( 2007 ) demonstrated how the move from the artist as portrayer of figurative, theological teachings to conveyer of personal meaning had an adverse effect. Although it empowered artists with unique ways to express themselves and their inner truths, it

Alexandra L. Fidyk

eyes searched me right through. Suddenly they were done …’ (Carr, 1961 , p. 4). ‘Seeing that I was not afraid of him or stuck up and on the contrary ready to laugh, he called me “Klee Wyck” – Laughing One ’ (Riley, n. d., part 1). The chief, his people and their remote region had a profound effect on

Marco Fabbri

differences. Firstly, the study aimed to investigate which is the finger-counting preference in an Italian sample. Secondly, the study aimed to investigate a possible finger-counting habit effect on horizontal and vertical spatial-numerical associations in parity and magnitude comparative tasks. As in

David W. Johnson

vertical and horizontal dimensions. Our account of the developmental process of individuation has already sketched the main contours of the vertical relation of the self to the living spontaneity at its ground. The horizontal relation of one self to another, and the constitutive character of this relation