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“Torn by Enormous Pauses”

Counter-Rhythmic Caesurae in How It Is

Laura Hensch

exactly that effect of Miteinander or simultaneity (qtd. in Knowlson, 240). In How It Is , Beckett moves towards that effect of simultaneity himself, but rather than mimicking Joyce’s method of multilingual paronomasia and encyclopedic comprehensiveness, he depends upon a process of removal, which is

Why Doesn’t Winnie Grab the Shovel?

Staging Beckett’s Happy Days in Early Post-Communist Romania

Traian Penciuc

strange object. 12. The tonic. 13. Makeup. 7 Another stylistic device is repetition. In a classical play, repetition is minimally used to highlight some feature or to produce a mechanical type of comic effect. In Happy Days it is

Failing Better

Beckett’s Game with Chess in Murphy

Bernd-Peter Lange

the rooks vacate their initial positions. The two irregular moves by the white knights crossing over to the other side of the board add a chiasmic symmetry to the vertical and horizontal ones. By move 16 the White pieces have all regained their original positions, with only the two white knights