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Lichtheim, Miriam

–in–Thebes–Neferhotep. Behind the king, a priest offers incense before the smaller bark of Khons–the–Provider–in–Thebes. Below the scene is the text in twenty–eight horizontal lines. Though made to appear as a monument of Ramses II, the stela is in fact a work of either the Persian or the Ptolemaic period. It tells a wondrous

John M. McDermott

complement each other, though the inherent limitations of discursive intellect prevent us from imagining both "simultaneously". The emphasis upon the horizontal eternity of time, a mental transposition effected by Hilary, is the basis of his insight, I believe, into his idea of God's infinity. Augustine

John D. Turner

of three stanzas (II, 30, m - 31, 25), which in effect recapitulates the three descents just narrated. Each stanza narrates in the first person a separate descent of Pronoia, the First Thought of the Unknown God, into the world of chaos to gather up her lost mem- bers. At the first two descents (II

Bruce W. Longenecker

aurifex ; the horizontal protrusions of this artifact are far too slender and fragile to be an aurifex . Alternatively, Cook proposes that it might be “a poorly executed phallus.” It is true that the apotropaic phallus was “ubiquitous in Pompeii” (as I pointed out in chapter 8 of CoP , when noting the

Rhiannon Graybill

– including households, guilds of professionals, village communities, and kinship groups – that are involved in multiple horizontal as well as vertical ­relationships” (197). As such, heterarchy is a more flexible concept than patriarchy (which Meyers has repeatedly critiqued, including in her recent 2013 SBL

The Affective Eye

Re-Examining a Biblical Idiom

Nicole Tilford

, demons, or gods had the power of casting a spell or causing some damaging effect upon every object, animate or inanimate, upon which their glance fell.” 1 That ancient Near Eastern cultures were among the earliest examples of this belief and that the Hebrew Bible specifically mentions an “evil eye” (רע

John Granger Cook

this Genius the province recognizes itself. In effect he removes the crosses and the cruel battles of the tyrant. 9 The po[ni]t (set aside) should perhaps be corrected to tollit (removed). 10 The archaeological context of the inscription is unfortunately quite vague. The surviving data

Simon Gathercole

least 40mm, and therefore the hypothetical width is >137mm. The writing might be called “small”: 34 the bilinear letters have a height of around 2mm, with a gap between the lines of approximately 4mm. The title is written is on the recto, i.e. along the horizontal fibres. The verso is blank, although

Matthew Sleeman

sequential terms, in terms of historical depth and duration, rather than in terms of horizontality, proximity, and simultaneity, rather than in terms of geographical configuration and extent."2 Now, however, there is an increasing move to "spatialize" the discourse of Biblical Studies, a development to which

P. Smulders

with: the eternity of the Son. Hilary here is going to apply to His origin from the Father, according to McDermott, what he calls Hilary's concept of God's "horizontal infinity."" And the foregoing sketch shows sufficiently that these pages represent an important moment in Hilary's career. For the