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Carol Zemel

Werner Wolff. 11 Two framing photo-narratives are installed as a horizontal couplet, like parallel railway tracks: one, The Blue Train , the account of mother and infant on the train, the other— Now that I’m Back —the real pictures and invented dispatches of photojournalist Werner Wolff returning to

Tineke Strik

’ organisations representing the interests of sub-national and national organisations, as identified by Streeck, in that reliance on horizontal coordination can be a ‘weak substitute for consolidated formal organisation at [the] national level’. 26 This is particularly the case if a horizontal coordination

Robert S. Nelson

the gables on each side of the octagon to match details above, and the resulting simplicity of the horizontal stone courses created a stronger, unifying effect (fig. 1). Thankfully, he also deleted the facade’s corbel frieze and replaced it with a more dignified limestone surface for the name of the

Amos Morris-Reich

part of the frame are vertical, whereas the lines running across the top part of the frame are horizontal. Within the soft, almost romantic landscape atmosphere, the differences in color and in line direction emphasize the contrast between the natural contours of the mountain (with the exception of the

Ido Noy

down, and a non-sexual one above it. 18 Jewish law mandates that the upper body (heart) of a praying man should also be separated from his sexual organ. For women, the girdle signified the border between purity and impurity during menstruation. 19 A horizontal division of the human body would

Ali Anooshahr

interest. This would hardly then be called “multiculturalism,” a very modern term that makes more sense within the exclusionary nation-state framework, whereby government policies are put into effect by those representing the majority either in order to offset the inevitable marginalization of the minority

Giuseppe Capriati

between different causal genera in constituting the effect – a horizontal rather than vertical concursus . 48 Compared with alternatives such as dependentia and influxus , the notion of concursus has the advantage of not suggesting any surreptitious privilege of one genus (efficient) or kind

Steven Fine

rectangle, that the awning around each scene is not continuous all the way across but moves . . .along horizontally, goes down and around that way on many of the scenes. And that effect tends to overcome the simple horizontal vertical division. You may describe this then as a system in which there is an

Adriaan van der Weel

human expression are going digital, they converge. The book is no exception of course, as the book trade well knows.  In the heated discussions about the subject, the term ‘convergence’ has been used fre- quently and conveniently, for example to describe the horizontal integration between books and

Saygin Salgirli

concerns this article, all multipurpose buildings followed a variant of the reverse T plan (Fig. 1). A central domed hall was flanked by rooms that made up the horizontal arms of the reverse T, and provided accommodation for travelers, and traveling and resident Sufi dervishes. Extending from the central